Meet Julie Albert – Larry Tanenbaum’s Daughter With Beloved Wife Judy Tanenbaum

Larry Tanenbaum daughter Julie Albert

The Ontario, Canada-born, Larry Tanenbaum is a Canadian businessman and investor. Besides, Lawrence M. Tanenbaum, professionally known as Larry Tanenbaum serves as a chairman and executive officer of Kilmer Van Nostrand Co. Limited. As of now, Larry owns a 25% stake in MLSE through his holding company, Kilmer Sports Inc. Likewise, he also served as president and CEO from 1968 to 2000. Under his surveillance of the company, they developed an engineering construction company. Similarly, he also owns a subsidiary, The Warren Paving & Materials Group Limited. The 78-year-old, Larry Tanenbaum is also a chairman of Kilmer Capital. Besides, the investing company has made an investment in companies including McGregor Industries Inc., Atelka Enterprises Inc., Compact Power, Tribal Sportswear, and many more. In this article, we will be talking about Larry Tanenbaum’s daughter Julie Albert.

The sharp-minded businessman and investor, Larry Tanenbaum have a huge interest in the sports and entertainment industry. Moreover, he proceeds all the work effort to bring an NBA franchise to Toronto. Thus, Larry became an active force in the acquisition of the Toronto Raptors basketball team formed by Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment to the NBA. Likewise, he is also the chairman of the board of the National Basketball Association and a governor of the executive committee of the National Hockey League. Apart from all his professional achievements, a Canadian businessman is also a fortunate man with a loving household. Larry Tanenbaum shares a joyous marital relationship with his wife, Judy Tanenbaum. The couple has been blessed with three children and all of them have grown up. Without further delay, here are some interesting facts about Larry Tanenbaum’s daughter Julie Albert.

Who Is Larry Tanenbaum’s Daughter Julie Albert?

As mentioned earlier, Larry Tanenbaum tied a wedding knot with his wife, Judy Tanenbaum. The couple has been together since their marriage. Furthermore, the pair welcomed three children from their relationship. Larry Tanenbaum’s daughter Julie Albert took birth in January 1970. Besides, Julie is a middle child of their parents. Julie has an elder brother named Kenneth Tanenbaum who is three years elder. Likewise, she also has a younger sibling named Lisa Tanenbaum. Being a middle child of the family, Julie has received love from both his brother and sister. She has been surrounded by immense love and cares from her family.

Talking about Julie’s profession, she worked as a freelance writer. Larry Tanenbaum’s daughter Julie has a passion for writing. She enrolled at McGill University where she majored in East Asian studies. During her time at the university, she enjoyed being in a small community. Likewise, she also learned the Japanese language and its culture and history. She moved to Tokyo after completing her graduation in 1992. She went to Keio University in Tokyo where she studied Japanese intensively. After spending a year in Japan, she returned to the USA. Afterward, Larry Tanenbaum’s daughter went to Ryerson School of Journalism – at Toronto Metropolitan University. She completed her graduation in 1977 with a master’s degree in journalism.

Julie Albert Has A Popular Food Blog

Although having a master’s degree in journalism, Larry Tanenbaum’s daughter Julie pursued her career in culinary. While growing up, Julie developed her interest in and passion for cooking. She finds great joy in cooking and feeding. At a young age, she saw her mom cooking whereas her dad enjoyed eating foods made by her mother. Thus, her love for food is something she had from a very young age. Despite having a huge interest in cooking, Julie lacked many of the required skills. She didn’t have enough skill set to cook well although she had hundreds of cooking books. Thus, she took help from her sister who is a lifelong cook. She learned about cooking from her sister and also wrote her first cookbook named Bite Me.

 Larry Tanenbaum’s daughter Julie Albert
Larry Tanenbaum’s daughter Julie Albert has a master’s degree in journalism. Picture Source: Pinterest.

Although writing the first book, it was not easy for both Julie and Lisa to publish their book. The major publishing house turned down publishing the book. However, they didn’t give up their dream. The Tanenbaum sister started making a connection and contacting people they knew to publish their book by themselves. Furthermore, their book received Heather’s Pick designation from Indigo. To date, they have published three new books named Lick Your Plate, The Bite me Balance Cookbook, and Bite Me Too. Their books have been loved by many people and some of them also became best sellers. In addition to this, Julie collaborated with her sister to start their agency, in 2019. Likewise, Larry Tanenbaum’s daughter Julie Tanenbaum is also co-founder of Bite Me Digital and president of Pinky Swear Press.

Julie Albert Is A Doting Mother of Three Kids

Larry Tanenbaum’s daughter Julie Albert is a married woman and shares a harmonious marital life with Kenny Albert. However, it is still unknown when the couple tied their wedding knot. Besides, Julie’s husband Kenny went to Forest Hill Collegiate Institute and completed graduation in 1983. The couple is a doting parent of three children. Julie and Kenny welcomed a son and two daughters from their relationship. Julie Albert gave birth to their son named Jamie Albert and two daughters named Perry and Benjy Albert. All of Julie’s children have grown up, and she frequently shares lovely pictures of her babies. No wonder Julie is living a wonderful life. Besides, she has been a supportive wife and caring mother as well.

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