Meet Lisa Gnat – Businessman Larry Tanenbaum Daughter With Wife Judy Tanenbaum

Larry Tanenbaum daughter Lisa Gnat 

Lawrence M. Tanenbaum also popular by the name Larry Tanenbaum is one of the most philanthropic persons in the Canadian business and sports world. The Toronto, Ontario-born, Larry Tanenbaum is the chairman and chief executive officer of Kilmer Van Nostrand Co. Limited. Furthermore, the businessman owns a 25% stake in Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment. With his interest in sports, Larry Tanenbaum played a driving force to bring the NBA franchise to Canada. In 1991, Larry single-handedly made a huge effort to bring an NBA franchise to Toronto and acquired the Toronto Raptors basketball team to NBA. Likewise, the chair of MLSE also acquired the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey club and arena. He also serves as the chairman of the board of the National Basketball Association. In this article, we will be talking about Larry Tanenbaum’s daughter Lisa Gnat.

The 78-year-old business has invested in several projects. Moreover, he a private equity investor and also a significant shareholder of CUC Broadcasting. Likewise, Kilmer’s other private equity investments include Blaze Pizza, Cypress Five Star Inc., Fornebu Lumber Company Inc., and Chaleur Sawmills Limited Partnership. Alongside his successful business tenure, Larry is also equally successful in his personal life. He tied his wedding knot with his beautiful wife, Judy Tanenbaum. Together, the couple became the proud parents of three children. Larry and his wife Judy have a son name Kenneth Tanenbaum and two daughters named Julie and Lisa Tanenbaum. As of now, all of them have grown up. Without further delay, here are some interesting facts about Larry Tanenbaum’s daughter Lisa Gnat.

Who Is Larry Tanenbaum’s Daughter Lisa Gnat?

Larry Tanenbaum exchanged his wedding vows with his wife, Judy in 1967. As of now, the couple has been together for more than five decades. During their five decades-long marital relationships, they welcomed three children. Lisa Gnat is the youngest child of Larry Tanenbaum with his wife Judy. Larry Tanenbaum’s daughter Lisa Gnat took birth in August 1972. Born as Lisa Tanenbaum, she is the third child of her parents. Furthermore, Lisa has two elder siblings. She has an elder brother named Kenneth Tanenbaum born in 1967 and a sister named Julie Tanenbaum also known as Julie Albert born in 1970.

Without a doubt, the Tanenbaum siblings must enjoy their childhood life. They must have had a great time while growing up together. Besides, being the youngest’s child of the family, Larry Tanenbaum’s daughter must have been pampered really well. Having been born in a family circle with a business background, Lisa must have learned many things from her early childhood. She must have been inspired by her father and pursued her career in business too. Lisa’s brother Kenneth Tanenbaum followed his father’s footsteps and is now involved in a family business. However, Lisa has an interest in something else than business.

Lisa Gnat Studied Pastry Arts

Despite her birth in a family background with a business circle, it didn’t bother Lisa to pursue her career in something else. Larry Tanenbaum’s daughter Lisa Gnat went to Western University in 1990. After completing her graduation in 1993, she enrolled at George Brown College and started studying Pastry Arts. Many might get confused about why she ended up choosing a completely different career. Well, the reason behind pursuing her career in cooking is her mother. Lisa Gnat’s mother Judy loves cooking. Thus, she gained inspiration from her mother to pursue a career in cooking. Her mother taught her the joy of cooking and feeding.

From a young age, Lisa saw the joy and happiness she received while her mother cooks. Thus, this helped her to choose her career in the food line alongside her sister, Julie Albert. Furthermore, Larry’s daughter Lisa earned Pastry Papers from George Brown and successfully ran a catering business. However, life had other plans for Lisa. She left the baking business and collaborated with her elder sister to start their own business of cooking. The sisters together have made a food business named Bite Me More.

Larry Tanenbaum’s daughter Lisa Gnat
Larry Tanenbaum’s daughter Lisa Gnat started the blog, Bite Me More alongside her sister in 2009. Picture Source: Pinterest.

Lisa Is Also An Author

As mentioned earlier, Lisa is a former bakery woman. However, she left her baking business to start a new business of cooking with her sister. According to the LinkedIn profile, Larry Tanenbaum’s daughter Lisa Gnat started the blog, Bite Me More alongside her sister in 2009. Since then, the pair have been working together. Furthermore, they also decided to write and publish their cooking book. When they pitched their idea to a major publisher, they were turned down. However, the Tanenbaum siblings didn’t give up on their dream and started finding a way to publish their book by themselves.

Lisa Gnat, who is a lifelong cook has brought together the 175 recipes in the book and Julie Albert who had a passion for writing assembled and compiled them together to design a cookbook. Lisa and her sister together released four books named Bite Me, Bite Me Too, Lick Your Plate, and The Bite Me Balance Cookbook. Furthermore, the books are available on Amazon.

Lisa Gnat Shares Blissful Marital Life

Lisa has achieved success in her professional life. The cookbook author, Lisa is a married woman. She tied her wedding knot with her husband, Jordan Gnat. She has been sharing an incredible marital relationship with her hubby, Jordan for many years. Together, the couple became the proud parents of three kids. Lisa Gnat welcomed three children named Lauren Gnat, Alex Gnat, and Emmy Gnat with her husband. As of now, all of them have grown up. Apart from her professional life, Larry Tanenbaum’s daughter is also a supportive wife and mother. Lisa seems to be enjoying her life and often spends time with her family.

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