The Latest Information on the Upcoming Builders of Egypt Game

The Builders of Egypt game is due out shortly, with a release date in the first quarter of 2022 currently listed for it. What can we expect from this city-building game and is the time right for a new game based on Egypt?

The Background

Builders of Egypt by Strategy Labs is one of several similar games expected from them in the near future, with Builders of Greece and Builders of China also said to be on the way. It begins in the Protodynastic Period, which is basically prehistoric Egypt leading up to the appointment of the first Pharaoh. Players can then watch as the civilization grows and carry on until the death of Cleopatra brings the Ptolemaic Kingdom to a close.

A demo was brought out in March 2020, under the name of Builders of Egypt: Prologue. Players could try out a single map in this taster, where they could create a modest settlement and search for some resources. It was an extremely limited demo with a lot of familiar-looking gameplay, but still enough to get some fans of this genre excited thanks to the great graphics and music.  

The Popularity of Games Based in Egypt

The enduring popularity of Ancient Egypt is one of the reasons for believing that Builders of Egypt is likely to be a huge success. This game goes further than most, by taking us back in time to where the famous Egyptian civilization began. However, we can also expect to see classic Egyptian images like the Nile and the pyramids on it.

It could be said that there’s currently a gap in the market for games set in Ancient Egypt. If we look at a list of the best games in this setting, created by The Gamer, we can see that Assassins Creed Origins, Civilization 5, and Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation lead the way. The games on this list cover a wide breadth of gameplay and images, with civilization-building games like Age of Mythology: Extended Edition proving the appeal of this genre.

Yet, the list of recent releases is a lot smaller. The game that Builders of Egypt has been most compared to is the iconic Pharaoh, which was developed by Impressions Games and released back in 1999. This is still commonly referred to as a classic of the genre, which perhaps shows the need for a new city-building game set in Egypt. In fact, a new version, titled Pharaoh: A New Era, is also due out this year and should see the genre gain a lot of attention.

While not many video games set here have been released recently, Egypt has continued to be a popular setting for online casino games. Mr Green lists the Book of Dead slot as one of its top games. This is described as being based on an Indiana Jones-like hero with free spins among its features. The success of Book of Dead led to Cat Wilde and the Doom of Dead being released as a spinoff slot, also set in Egypt.

Will Builders of Egypt Be a Success?

The fact that Ancient Egypt remains a hugely popular period but that there have been relatively few games based on it lately should help this title to achieve success. With Pharaoh: A New Era also out in the same year, 2022 could prove to be a memorable year for fans of city-building games set in Egypt.

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