Meet Samantha Lasry – Businessman Marc Lasry Eldest Daughter With Wife Cathy Cohen

Marc Lasry is a fascinating and influential businessman who has left an indelible mark on the world of basketball. What sets Lasry apart is not just his financial acumen, but his genuine passion for the sport. As a lifelong basketball fan, his journey from a hedge fund manager to a team owner is a captivating tale of merging two seemingly disparate worlds. With his keen business instincts and deep understanding of the game, Lasry has played a pivotal role in transforming the Bucks into a formidable force in the NBA. Under his ownership, the team has experienced a resurgence, achieved new heights, and captured the hearts of fans. Lasry’s unwavering dedication to the franchise, combined with his charismatic presence, has fostered a winning culture. Beyond his business ventures, he is also a philanthropist. In this article, we will be talking about Marc Lasry’s daughter Samantha Lasry.

The 63-year-old businessman is a co-founder and CEO of Avenue Capital Group. Marc and his sister Sophia Gardner have invested around $7 million from their capital and established the Avenue Capital Group. Before, the brother-sister duo has also founded the firm named Amroc Investments with $100 million in seed money from various investors. The businessman started his career as a clerk for the Chief Bankruptcy Judge of the Southern District of New York, Edward Ryan. He also became the Director of the Private Debt Department at the investment firm, R.D Smith. Marc became the co-owner of the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks in April 2014 after purchasing the team from Herb Kohl for $550 million. He also served as the chairman of Ozy, an American Media company. Likewise, Lasry is the largest shareholder of Amplify Energy. Without further delay, here are some interesting facts about Marc Lasry’s daughter Samantha Lasry.

Who Is Marc Lasry’s Daughter Samantha Lasry?

The businessman, Marc Lasry shares a blissful marital relationship with his wife, Cathy Cohen. Furthermore, Marc and Cathy met each other at Clark University in 1979. Moreover, Cathy was a friend of Marc Lasry’s sister Sonia Gardner. The couple felt an instant connection and eventually dated. The couple exchanged their wedding vows after completing their graduation in 1981. Since then, the pair have been enjoying their marital bliss. Marc Lasry’s daughter Samantha Lasry is the first-born child of the businessman with his wife, Cathy. Samantha Lasry took birth in August 1985. Being the first-born child of the family, Samantha must have been raised with immense care and love.

Samantha Lasry must have been pampered very well, as she is the first-born child of the family member. Besides, Marc Lasry’s daughter is not the only child of her parents. Samantha has four younger siblings. She has a brother named Alexander Lasry who took birth in 1988. Likewise, she also has a brother named Zach Lasry who was born in 1990. Samantha has also had twin sisters named Sophie Lasry and Emma Kate Lasry who were born in September 1992. Growing up in a huge family, Samantha must have had a wonderful childhood life. Additionally, the Lasry siblings share a close bond and remain intact forever.

Marc Lasry’s Daughter Is A College Graduate

Having been born into a wealthy family, Marc Lasry’s daughter Samantha Lasry must have achieved a quality education. Talking about her educational background, she went to the University of Pennsylvania for her undergraduate degree. Likewise, she attended the London School of Economics where she earned a graduate degree. Samantha has a master’s degree in Gender Studies.

In addition to this, Marc Lasry’s daughter came to the limelight of the media for her work with Congressman, Rahm Emanuel. She has previous experience working in activism and politics. Samantha additionally assisted Hillary Clinton while she was in office and later at the Department of State. Later, she joined a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting maternal health.

Marc Lasry’s daughter Samantha Lasry
Marc Lasry’s daughter Samantha Lasry is a married woman. Picture Source: Pinterest.

Samantha Lasry Is A Married Woman

Marc Lasry’s daughter Samantha Lasry has grown up to become a successful person in her career. While Samantha is doing great, she is also successful in her love life. Samantha shares a blissful marital life with John Fleisher. Talking about Samantha’s love life, she met her future husband back in the summer of 2005. Both John and Samantha worked as an intern for Congressman Rahm Emmanuel in Washington DC. The pair tied their wedding knot in 2012. Later, they exchanged their wedding vows in a lovely ceremony at the Beach Club in Sea Island, Georgia.

The beautiful couple has been married together for nine years. The happily married couple has been enjoying their marital bliss all these years. Together, the pair welcomed their first kid named Lake Raphaella Fleisher. Likewise, the pair welcomed their second kid named Tabitha Gay Fleisher in August 2016 into their lives. Samantha welcomed their daughter named India James Fleisher in May 2018. She is also a mama to Matteo. Samantha and her husband must be doing a great job raising their kids with love and care.

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