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Meet Londyn Lewis – NFL Player Marcede Lewis Daughter With His Ex-Partner

Meet Londyn Lewis – NFL Player Marcede Lewis Daughter With His Ex-Partner

Born as Marcedes Alexis Lewis and professionally known by the name Marcedes Lewis is an American football player. The Los Alamitos, California-born, Marcedes plays as a tight end and is currently a free agent. Besides, Marcedes attended Long Beach Polytechnic High School and played high school football. Lewis was recognized as a top prospect player by numerous recruiting services during his senior year and was named a Parade magazine high school All-American. After high school, he made his commitment to the UCLA Bruins football team from 2002 to 2005. With his impressive performance, Marcedes made his name to the first-team All-Pacific-10 section, a consensus first-team All-American. Additionally, he won the John Mackey Award, which is presented each year to the best tight end in college football. Marcedes was inducted into the UCLA Athletics Hall of Fame. In this article, we will be talking about Marcedes Lewis’ daughter Londyn Lewis.

The UCLA graduate, Marcedes Lewis became the 28th overall picked player by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the 2006 NFL Draft. Moreover, his college fellow Maurice Jones-Drew who also played at UCLA was also selected by the Jaguars. Moreover, Marcedes signed a five-year contract deal worth $7.5 million. He made his NFL debut in the 2006 season against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Besides, he played for 11 years for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Later, he was traded to the Green Bay Packers in 2018. In March 2021, the Packers re-signed Lewis to a two years contract deal worth $8 million. As of now, Marcedes remains a free agent. Apart from a thriving career as an NFL player, Marcedes Lewis is also a devoted family guy. Lewis is a doting father of three kids from his ex-partner. Without further delay, here are some interesting facts about Marcedes Lewis’ daughter Londyn Lewis.

Who Is Marcedes Lewis’ daughter Londyn Lewis?

The NFL player, Marcedes Lewis has been into several relationships in his life. Being a popular football player, he has been in a relationship with several women and had children. Marcedes Lewis’ daughter Londyn Lewis took birth to his former partner. Unfortunately, Marcedes hasn’t revealed about Londyn’s mother. After welcoming a daughter, Marcedes became more serious about his actions. According to the statement from Marcedes Lewis back in 2015, the former Jacksonville Jaguars player had to go through numerous custody battles with the baby mama to have his daughter for a week every month.

However, it wasn’t the first time for Marcedes Lewis to fight for custody battles. The former UCLA Bruins player had reportedly sought sole custody of his son that he had from an adult film star, Savannah Stern. Apart from this, Marcedes Lewis’ daughter also has another sibling. Londyn has a sister named Bella Lewis. Moreover, Bella took birth from her father’s relationship with his college sweetheart, Es Forbes. Unfortunately, Lewis has kept al of the children away from the unwanted attention of the media. Besides, Londyn is the only child to appear in the media constantly.

Marcedes Lewis’ Daughter Enjoys Spending Time With Her Father

After winning the custody battle, Marcedes had a chance to take his daughter for a week. Additionally, Marcedes Lewis’ daughter visited her father every other week while he was training in Jacksonville. The baby girl loves to spend time with her father. Furthermore, Marcedes also uploaded a video where he is holding his daughter and speaking some words on being a father. Although the father-daughter duo didn’t get much time to spend together, they share a strong bond together. As of now, Londyn Lewis must be growing up away from the limelight of the media and making her own choice of decisions.

Marcedes Lewis’ daughter Londyn Lewis took birth to his former partner. Picture Source: Pinterest.

A child, consequently, looks up to and perhaps desires to be like his parents as role models. The same goes for Green Bay Packers’ Marcedes Lewis. He said in an interview that becoming a father is important to him. Moreover, he also admitted that after the arrival of his daughter, he has become more serious while making decisions. In addition to this, Londyn Lewis’s father also expressed how much he values his mother in high regard for single-handedly raising him to adulthood. Therefore, Marcedes also wanted to show great love and become an icon for his daughter. Likewise, he also stated that his daughter is a carbon copy of his childhood age.

Will Londyn Follow Her Father’s Footsteps?

Marcedes Lewis’ daughter Londyn is growing up privately away from the limelight of the media. Due to the extreme privacy, there aren’t many details available. She must be enjoying her wonderful life. Although her mom and dad aren’t together, she must have received equal love from her parents. Well, Londyn is still too young. Therefore, it is hard to tell at this time whether she will follow in her footsteps or not. Hopefully, Londyn will make her father proud in the future. We give our best wishes to the young girl for her upcoming days.

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