Meet Emma Painter – Basketball Coach Matt Painter Daughter With Ex-Wife Jerrie Painter

Matt Painter daughter Emma Painter

Born as Matthew Curtis Painter and professionally known by the name Matt Painter is an American basketball coach and former basketball player. As of now, Matt Painter serves as the basketball head coach of the Purdue Boilermakers. The Fort Wayne, Indiana-born, Matt Painter started his coaching career as an assistant coach position at Washington & Jefferson College. He led his team to finish the season with a record of 22-3 and a quarterfinal appearance in the NCAA Division III tournament. He also worked as an assistant coach at Barton College. Likewise, he also worked as an assistant coach at Easter and Southern Illinois. In 2004, he became the associate HC of the Purdue Boilermakers basketball men’s team. Since 2005, Matt Painter has been serving as the head coach of the team. In this article, we will be talking about Matt Painter’s daughter Emma Painter.

As the head coach, Matt Painter has won the NABC Coach of the Year Award in 2019. Likewise, he has won four Big Ten regular seasons and two times Big Ten Tournament winner. Similarly, he has also won the Big Ten Coach of the Year award four times. Apart from his coaching career, Matt is also a former basketball player. He attended Purdue University and played for four seasons as a Boilermakers point guard.  He also led his team to three NCAA Tournaments and one NIT appearance. Having said that about his professional career, the Indiana native is also a devoted family person. The basketball head coach has been married twice in his life. Besides, Matt is a father of three children. All of Matt’s kids have grown up to be amazing personalities. Without further delay, here are some interesting facts about Matt Painter’s daughter Emma Painter.

Who Is Matt Painter’s Daughter Emma Painter?

As mentioned earlier, Matt Painter tied his wedding knot with his ex-wife, Jessica Painter. The ex-couple walked down into the aisle on 24th May 2003. Besides, the couple were married together for a decade. However, the pair parted ways in 2013. However, the ex-pair has not disclosed the reason behind their separation. During their togetherness, the ex-couple welcomed two children Maggie Painter and Emma Painter. Besides, Matt Painter’s daughter Emma Painter is the youngest daughter of the basketball coach with his ex-wife. Emma Painter took birth in July 2004. Besides, she is the firstborn child of the ex-couple.

Emma also has an elder sister named Maggie Painter who is a few years older than her. As of now, Emma’s parents are not together. Their parents divorce after ten years of a long marital relationship. Emma and her sibling were both young when they divorced. The decision to divorce might have affected young girls. Although their parents are separated they spend a lot of time with both mom and dad. Likewise, Matt Painter’s daughter also has one half-brother named Brayden Painter.

Emma Painter Prefers Private Lifestyle

Despite being the daughter of a popular basketball coach, Matt Painter’s daughter Emma Painter prefers a private lifestyle. The youngest daughter of a basketball coach seems to be living a life away from media scrutiny. Moreover, she is also inactive and doesn’t appear to have any kind of social media platform. Nonetheless, the adorable young girl must be enjoying her life to the fullest. Emma is still in her teenage and she must be focusing on her education. Considering the sports influence on her family, Emma might also develop her interest in sports. Who knows we may even see her becoming a popular sports figure in the coming days.

Matt Painter daughter Emma Painter
Matt Painter’s daughter Emma Painter lives a private lifestyle. Picture Source: Pinterest.

Even if Matt Painter’s daughter chooses a different career than sports, there is no doubt that she will get support from her parents and siblings. Well, we will update you with Emma’s profession once she openly shares about her life. Nevertheless, Emma is enjoying her life away from the limelight of the media.

Matt Painter’s Daughter Bond with Siblings

Emma is the youngest child of Matt Painter in his relationship with his ex-wife. Besides, Emma grew up alongside her sister, Maggie. Apart from this, Emma also has a half-brother, Brayden. Both Maggie and Brayden have already established their careers in the field of their interest. Emma’s sister Maggie completed her graduation from Purdue University in 2017. She earned her bachelor’s degree in hospitality and tourism management. As of now, Maggie works as a consultant at The Bowdoin Group and Earli Inc.

Likewise, her half-brother, Brayden also completed his graduation from the same university. Brayden currently serves as the manager of the Purdue University Men’s basketball team. Maggie stated that Emma is her favorite person. She also further added that Brayden and her sister are the people she loves to spend most of her time with. Thus, we can see the Painter’s kids shares a solid bond. Moreover, they spend their childhood together. Hopefully, our love for each other grows up in the coming days.

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