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Meet Hap Whitaker – UFC Fighter Michael Chandler Son Who Is Adopted

Meet Hap Whitaker – UFC Fighter Michael Chandler Son Who Is Adopted

Michael Chandler is an American professional mixed martial artist best known for his performances in the lightweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He has a remarkable record of 23 wins and 8 losses, with notable victories over top-ranked fighters such as Dan Hooker, Benson Henderson, and Eddie Alvarez. Before joining the UFC, Chandler was a dominant force in the Bellator MMA promotion, where he held the lightweight championship title three times. He gained popularity for his aggressive fighting style, explosive knockout power, and exceptional wrestling skills. Chandler is also an accomplished wrestler, having competed at the NCAA Division I level during his college years. He is an inspiration to many young fighters and fans of mixed martial arts, and his performances in the cage continue to impress and entertain audiences around the world. In this article, we will be talking about Michael Chandler’s son Hap Whitaker.

The Missouri-born, Michael Chandler started his wrestling career at the University of Missouri in 2004. He became a four-time NCAA Division I qualifier. Likewise, he also earned DI All-American honors. Talking about his MMA career, he began his mixed martial arts training at Xtreme Couture. The former NCAA Division champion, Chandler made his professional MMA debut with a first-round TKO victory over Kyle Swadley. In September 2010, Chandler made his Bellator debut. Chandler defeated Eddie Alvarez and won the Bellator Lightweight World Championship. In September 2020, Chandler signed a contract with UFC. He made his UFC debut against Dan Hooker at UFC 257. The former Bellator Champion, Chandler will face Conor McGregor in his upcoming fight. Apart from his successful professional career, Michael Chandler is also a devoted family guy. Without further delay, here are some interesting facts about Michael Chandler’s son Hap Whitaker.

Who Is Michael Chandler’s Son Hap Whitaker?

Apart from his involvement in combat sports, the former lightweight champion, Michael Chandler is also a husband and proud father. Michael Chandler shares a blissful marital relationship with his beautiful spouse, Brie Willett. Besides, Brie has been living a low-key life despite her husband frequently appearing in the media. Due to the private lifestyle, the details regarding dating and marriage life remain a mystery. Michael Chandler’s son Hap Whitaker is the first child of the couple through adoption. Furthermore, Michael Chandler’s wife always thought of adopting babies since her teenage years as she has been involved in volunteer work at a foundation called Granny’s House. Moreover, Hap has been an important motivator for his father.

Moreover, Michael Chandler’s son was only nine-month-old when he and his wife gave him a new home. Despite being adopted, Hap Whitaker always received immense love and care from his parent. Moreover, Chandler and his wife, Bret have met and connected with Hap Whitaker’s biological mother during the adoption process. Apart from getting thumbs up for adoption, the process completed in Dallas, Texas. Moreover, Hap Whitaker’s biological mother was just 17 years old.

Who Is Michael Chandler’s Son Named After?

Michael Chandler’s son Hap Whitaker name is inspire by the name of two person. One of which is more significant, and the other came about by chance. His first name Hap comes from an old Mizzou wrestling coach named Hap Whitney. Moreover, Hap Whitney is a four-time state champion. Besides, Chandler is an avid follower of the veteran fighter and personally knew him as he provided tons of luck during his college fights.

Moreover, Hap Whitaker’s stated that the veteran fighter would come to all their wrestling match. Additionally, there is a prominent local honor the ‘Hap Whitney Award’ which Chandler has won twice. Likewise, Whitney changed into Whitaker as the family encountered a random local in Franklin, Tennessee. Mike and his wife went to a restaurant and met a person name, Mike Whitaker.

Michael Chandler’s son Hap Whitaker is 5 years old. Picture Source: Pinterest.

Will Hap Whitaker Follow in His Father’s footsteps?

Hap Whitaker’s father Michael Chandler is a renowned UFC fighter. Having turned professional in 2009, Michael has established himself as one of the popular MMA fighters. During his time at Bellator MMA, Chandler held numerous records. Likewise, Hap’s mother Brie Willet is a physician. She works as an ER Physician Assistant at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

The process of adoption of Hap Whitaker took nearly a year. As of now, Michael Chandler’s son Hap Whitaker is 5 years old. He is still young and has yet to discover his interest. As a father, Chandler is working to develop his son’s interest in MMA. Furthermore, Chandler often uploads videos of father-son due to practicing. Since Hap is still young, it’s too early to say whether he’ll follow in his father’s footsteps or not. 

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