Is Rumored Mick Schumacher Girlfriend Justine Huysman In Relationship?

Born to the legendary Formula One driver, Mick Schumacher is a Swiss-born German racing driver. Besides, Mick Schumacher rose to immense fame for being the son of the greatest Formula One racing driver, Michael Schumacher. As of now, Mick is currently racing under the Haas Formula LLC racing team with the German flag. Moreover, Mick is also a member of the Ferrari Driver Academy. With his father as an inspiration, Mick Schumacher didn’t think a second of choosing other professions. With all the interesting facts today in this article we will be discussing on Formula One racing driver Mick Schumacher’s girlfriend Justine Huysman.

The son of seven-time Formula One World Championship, Mick Schumacher has the gene of racing mixed in his blood from his father Michael Schumacher. Apart from this, Mick is also a nephew of Ralf Schumacher. Having said that, Mick began his professional racing career in karting in 2008. With the progress, the German has won the German ADA Formula 4 in 2015. Likewise, his continuous progress helped him to win the 2018 FIA F3 European Championship and promoted to Formula 2. After winning the 2020 Formula 2 Championship, the 22-year-old, Mick Schumacher progressed into Formula One. As of now, he is currently racing under the Haas Racing team on Formula One World Championship. Without much delay, let us now discuss on Mick Schumacher’s girlfriend Justine Huysman.

Mick Schumacher Spotted with Justine Huysman In Bahrain

Having joined in Formula One World Championship after winning the Formula 2 title in 2020, Mick Schumacher has become the topic of discussion for all F1 fans. Moreover, the fans are also keener to know about his personal life and his girlfriend, Justine Huysman. The rumor of Mick Schumacher dating Justine sparked on the internet after the pair were spotted together on the sidelines of the test drives in Bahrain.

The 22 years old, Mick Schumacher was photography with a young woman walking side by side during the test drive session in Bahrain. It was the first time when Mick Schumacher appeared alongside his girlfriend Justine Huysman in the public. However, there have been no confirmed reports of Mick and Justine are dating.

Who Is Mick Schumacher’s Girlfriend Justine Huysman?

As referenced earlier, Mick Schumacher’s girlfriend Justine Huysman became the topic of discussion after the pair appears next to each other during the test drives in Bahrain. In the beginning, the public thought of the young lady as some member of the Haas group. Later, Mick posted the snap on his Instagram confirming her to be Justine Huysman. With the adorable pair spotted together, his Instagram followers recommended that the two were dating.  Although there is no concrete news of their dating, the fans are pretty sure that the pair are having affairs in privacy.

Mick Schumacher girlfriend Justine Huysman
Mick Schumacher’s girlfriend Justine Huysman walk aside him during the test drive session in Bahrain. Picture Source: Pinterest.

According to the online resources, Justine Huysman also went to the Formula 2 races and other different occasions to accompany his rumored boyfriend Mick Schumacher. However, she was unnoticed by the media during the time. Moreover, there are also some adorable pictures of Schumacher and Huysman enjoying their life together. Notwithstanding, there are no concrete reports to date to demonstrate that Schumacher is in a relationship with Huysman. However, the fans think the couple is truly dating each other since Justine can be seen supporting Mick in most of his races and other events.  Additionally, neither Justine nor Mick has spoken to the media to confirm their relationship status. Thus at this point, Justine Huysman being Mick Schumacher’s girlfriend is still a rumor.

Mick Schumacher Rumored Girlfriend Justine Is A Daughter of Harald Huysman

While checking more details on Mick Schumacher’s rumored girlfriend Justine Huysman, we found out that Justine is the daughter of Harald Huysman. Moreover, Harald Huysman is a former Norwegian racing driver and also an owner of a karting circuit. Up on stalking at the personal life of Schumacher, Justine’s father and her whole family member are exceptionally close to Schumacher’s family. Since both Michael and Harald were former racing drivers, they are close and share a good friendship bond. 

Furthermore, Mick Schumacher’s girlfriend Justine Huysman is a native of Oslo, Norway. As of now, Justine is a studying International Law and Legal studies at the University of Oslo. Moreover, she has completed her graduation from Arizona State University. Apart from this, Justine has two brothers named Cedric and Max William Huysman. Additionally, Mick Schumacher has also kept his personal life in privacy. Likewise, the rumored Mick Schumacher’s girlfriend Justine Huysman has also maintained her personal life away from the limelight of media.

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