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Meet Greta Norris – Actor Mike Norris Daughter With Wife Valerie Norris

Meet Greta Norris – Actor Mike Norris Daughter With Wife Valerie Norris

Born as Michael R. Norris and professionally known by the name Mike Norris is an American actor and director. Besides, Mike Norris is the eldest son of the popular actor and martial arts champion, Chuck Norris with his wife, Dianne Holechek. The Redondo Beach, California-born, Mike Norris began his acting career in the 1986 drama film, Born American. Likewise, he also played a crucial role in the 1991 action movie, Delta Force 3: The Killing Game. In 1979, Mike made his debut in his acting career by appearing in the movie, A Force of One. Apart from this, he played a recurring role in the movies like The Octagon, Survival Game, The Beverly Hillbillies, Death Ring, The Rage Within, Carnival of Wolves, and many more. Apart from his acting career, he is also a director. In this article, we will be talking about Mike Norris’ daughter Greta Norris.

The 60-year-old, Mike Norris starred in and directed the movie, Birdie & Bogey in 2009. Likewise, he has directed movies including Mission Air, Amerigeddon, Saving the Tin Man, and The Crossroads of Hunter Wilde. Furthermore, Mike Norris and his wife also won a movie studio named 2nd Fiddle Entertainment. Through the movie studio, Mike Norris has produced and directed the movie, I Am Gabriel, Maggie’s Passage, and Birdie & Bogey. While Mike Norris has achieved immense fame from his successful career as an actor and director, he is also a devoted family guy. Moreover, his followers have also shown interest in his personal life. The multi-talented, Mike Norris exchanged his wedding vows with his wife Valerie Norris. The couple together has three children. Without further delay, here are some interesting facts about the actor, Mike Norris’ daughter Greta Norris.

Who Is Mike Norris’ Daughter Greta Norris?

The multi-talented, Mike Norris tied his wedding knot with his beautiful wife, Valerie Norris. Both Valerie and Mike are involved in the showbiz industry. Thus, the pair must have met each other for the first time during the set of the film. In addition, the married duo has shared the screen in films like Birdie & Bogey, The Rage Within, and Ripper Man. Before tying their wedding knot, Mike and Norris were a long-time couple. The Norris couple have been married together for more than 28 years. Together, they also launched, the movie studio named, 2nd Fiddle Entertainment Motion Picture Studio. Mike Norris’ daughter Greta Norris is the daughter of an American actor, director, and producer. Greta took birth on 8th January 2000. As of now, she is in her early 20s and living her life to the fullest.

Besides, Greta is not only the child of the actor. Mike Norris’ daughter has two siblings. Greta has an elder sister named Hannah Norris who took birth in 1995. Moreover, Hannah is an alum of Arkansas State University and completed her graduation in 2017. Likewise, she also has a brother named Max Norris. Furthermore, Max and Greta are twins. Max Norris is the only son of his parents. He played football and attended Grapevine Faith Christian School. Greta must have been pampered very well. Moreover, she must have enjoyed her wonderful childhood growing up alongside her siblings.

Mike Norris’ Daughter Is a Soccer Athlete

Having been born to a family background in acting, many of us thought, Mike Norris’ daughter Greta Norris will also follow a similar path. However, Greta had an interest in a different field than acting. Greta Norris is into soccer. As a soccer player, Greta has won numerous trophies with her high school team. As soccer is gaining huge attention in the United States, Greta has a bright future in the sport. Greta is currently playing for Abilene Christian University. Additionally, she has won the Heisman Trophy twice in her playing career.

Apart from her playing career, Mike Norris’ daughter has also inherited some of his acting skills. The young girl, Greta Norris is a TikTok star. The beautiful TikTok star, Greta has 216.5k followers and 7.8 million likes. Apart from this, she is also active on Instagram and Twitter. She frequently engages in TikTok activity with her friends and, sometimes, her family. She also includes her pet pets in her TikTok videos as well.

Mike Norris’ daughter Greta Norris played soccer. Picture Source: Pinterest.

Greta Norris Is Obsessed With Post Malone

The Norris daughter hasn’t been in an intimate relationship, but she’d welcome Post Malone into her arms without a second thought. Mike Norris’ daughter is a hardcore fan of singer, Post Malone. Post Malone or Austin Richard Post is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter who is known for her iconic vocal styles. Furthermore, the soccer player has devoted a whole Instagram story highlight to him. As an avid fan, Greta also owns a limited-edition Post Malone Crocs. She attends his live performances whenever she can and daydreams about Face Timing the hip-hop artist in the future.

With her family background in the entertainment industry, Greta has also starred in some of the movies directed by her parents. Unlike her other siblings, Greta has also portrayed some recurring roles in movies like AmeriGeddon, The Crossroads of Hunter Wilde, and I Am Gabriel. Mike Norris’ daughter Greta hasn’t landed a major role yet and hopefully, she will achieve success in her acting career. It is up to Greta to decide whether she wants to go with the entertainment business or follow her passion for soccer.

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