Meet Elijah Williams – NBA Coach Monty Williams Eldest Son With Late Wife Ingrid Williams

Monty Williams is a former player and now an American professional basketball coach and executive. The 51-year-old, Monty Williams is a current basketball head coach for the Detroit Pistons of the National Basketball Association. Tavares Montgomery Williams also known as Monty Williams previously served as the head coach of the Phoenix Suns. In 2023, Williams agreed to a six-year deal worth $78.5 million with the Piston making him the current highest-paid coach. Hailing from Fredericksburg, Virginia, Monty Williams is also a former basketball player. He played as a small forward from 1994 to 2003. During his playing career, he played for the New York Knicks, San Antonio Spurs, Denver Nuggets, Orlando Magic, and Philadelphia 76ers. He became the 24th overall picked player in the 1994 NBA Draft by the New York Knicks. In this article, we will be talking about NBA coach Monty Williams’ son Elijah Williams.

After suffering from a chronic knee problem, Monty Williams was forced into retirement in 2003. He then joined the coaching staff as an intern with the San Antonio Spurs. Likewise, he was also the staff member of an NBA Championship in 2005. Later, he was hired as an assistant coach for the Portland Trail Blazers. He gained his first experience as the NBA head coach after the Pelicans hired him as the head coach in June 2010. Likewise, Monty became the youngest head coach in the NBA at 38 years old. During his first tenure at the Hornets, he led his team to the playoffs. He has worked with the Oklahoma City Thunders, Philadelphia 76ers, and Phoenix Suns. He has led the Suns to the NBA Finals but eventually lost to the Milwaukee Buck. Without further delay, here are some interesting facts about Monty Williams’ son Elijah Williams.

Who Is Monty Williams’ Son Elijah Williams?

The former Phoenix Suns head coach, Monty Williams shares a blissful marital relationship with his beautiful wife Lisa Keeth. Furthermore, Monty Williams’ wife Lisa Keeth works in the San Antonio Spurs organization. Before tying the knot with Lisa Keeth, Monty shared a happy marital relationship with his late wife Ingrid Williams. Monty and his late wife Ingrid Williams exchanged their wedding vows in 1995. The former pair met each other in 1989 at Notre Dame. Moreover, the pair had the most hilarious part of the meeting. Monty stated that his late wife Ingrid had quite an influence on his college career. Unfortunately, Ingrid died in a car crash in 2016. Monty Williams’ son Elijah Williams is the eldest son of the basketball coach with his late wife, Ingrid Williams. Moreover, Elijah Williams took birth in 2009.

Having been born into a wealthy family, Monty Williams’ son must have enjoyed a lavish lifestyle. Moreover, he must have been raised with immense care and love. Elijah must have been pampered very well by his parents. In addition to this, Elijah Williams has three elder sisters and a younger brother. He has three sisters named Lael Williams, Faith Williams, and Janna Williams. Similarly, he has a younger brother named Micah Williams. The Williams siblings share a special affinity and are all gradually maturing. There is rarely a dull moment when there is such a large family together. As fans, we sincerely hope that Elijah and the Williams siblings would keep their cherished relationship going strong.

Monty Williams’ Son Plays Basketball

Despite being the son of a popular basketball coach, Monty William’s son Elijah Williams has very little to no presence in the media. As of now, Elijah is only 14 years old and stays away from the spotlight of the media. Unfortunately, we don’t know a lot about this young person who is aspiring. According to Arizona Sports, Elijah Williams attended Scottsdale Christian Academy. Having been born to a sports family background, Elijah also pursued his career in the same field. Growing up seeing his father involved in basketball, Elijah didn’t hesitate to choose different sports. Moreover, Elijah must have inherited playing skills from his father.

Monty Williams' son Elijah Williams
Monty Williams’ son Elijah Williams is a basketball player. Picture Source: Pinterest.

Being the son of the NBA head coach, Monty Williams’ son is already doing great in basketball. The 6 ft 5 inches, Elijah Williams has already received offers from several Division I schools including Notre Dame, Washington, and Arizona State. Furthermore, Elijah will complete his high school graduation in 2026. He is in the Class of 2026. With his tremendous skills and athletic ability, Elijah will be making waves in collegiate basketball. Likewise, the eldest son of the NBA coach has also received an offer to join the Team USA Camp. In 2022, Elijah became one of the 62 athletes participating in a USA Basketball Men’s Junior National Team minicamp. The minicamp took place in Colorado Springs at the US Olympics and Paralympic Training Center.

Elijah Has a Very Limited Presence In the Media

Monty Williams’ son Elijah Williams is only 14 years old as of 2023. The eldest son of the NBA coach is currently focused on his studies and basketball. Elijah has gone more than ten years without the unwanted attention that these social networking sites bring. The young person appears to have talent. As he steadily ages, let’s hope we get to see him more frequently. Elijah experienced sadness as his mother passed away in a traffic accident at a young age in 2016. Fortunately, his siblings made it out of the collision unharmed. The little kid was undoubtedly affected by this awful incident. Nonetheless, Elijah is fortunate to have a father like Monty who pledged to alter his behavior rather than modify his children’s way of life.

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