NBA 2021/22: Which teams look likely to challenge for the title?

While sports like football and baseball still attract legions of loyal followers, basketball is the game which appeals most to a lot of fans. When you look at how the current NBA season is panning out, it is easy to see why! Since starting in October 2021, the current season has had plenty of point-scoring action, drama and intrigue.

As we starting to get towards the end of the season, a lot of fans will be starting to wonder who might make a Finals appearance in June 2022 and take home the title. With the Play-In Tournament and playoffs taking place in April 2022, the NBA season is coming up to a critical point.

But which teams might have a serious chance at the Championship?

What do the sportsbooks say?

Before we run down which teams look likely to take home the NBA title, it is worth looking at what online sportsbooks think. Their odds not only give us a better idea of which teams are expected to make the finals but also lets sports bettors see which odds are available to take advantage of.

If you like to bet on the NBA, this is key when placing a futures bet on who the eventual champions might be. To date, the Brooklyn Nets are listed as the bookie favorite for the title, with odds of +300. The Golden State Warriors are not far behind at +475, while the Phoenix Suns are third favorites at +600. As well as looking at which teams might win overall, another good tip when placing this kind of bet is to hunt down the best NBA bonuses and promo codes. Doing this gives you extra money to bet with and adds more excitement to sports betting.

Brooklyn Nets

Their status as hot favorites means you cannot ignore the Nets for a Championship this year. The main reason is their stacked roster, which is full of top-class NBA pros. The big three of Kevin Durant, James Harden and Kyrie Irving are on a different level than most other NBA players. When you combine them on the same team, they are almost unstoppable.

It has not been all plain sailing this season though. They are seventh in the Eastern Conference at the moment and have not been in top form each game. You also have to wonder how much playing time their big three superstars will actually get on court together. Irving for example can’t play in more than half the team’s games due to his vaccination status! Although this is a bit worrying for fans, you still cannot rule out a Finals appearance.

Golden State Warriors

Currently sitting second in the Western Conference are the Warriors. Boasting a 40-13 record to date and a .755 percentage, they have enjoyed an excellent season so far. This leaves many people expecting a Finals bow from them and a potential Championship win.

Steph Curry will of course be key to this and he is enjoying a decent year again, with a 25.9 points per game average to date. Klay Thompson has also performed well and their electric start to the season must have filled them with confidence. With experience in winning the Championship to fall back on, this is not a team to write off.

Phoenix Suns

Sitting atop the Western Conference currently, the Suns have been the standout team of the year for many so far. Their 42-10 record confirms this, and they look like a team that is not only in-form but playing with a lot of confidence. The trio of Chris Paul, Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton works well for the Suns and has made them tough to play against.

With last season’s Finals appearance fresh in their minds, it is not that much of a stretch to think they could make the Finals again and win the Championship this time. A lot rests on keeping their key players fit and firing of course – you also have to wonder how much of a mental scar last year’s Finals defeat has left.

NBA odds and predictions: Who will win the Championship in 21/22?

The NBA has so much to offer fans and it is easy to see why so many people love it. From following hot new talent like rising NBA star Elfrid Payton, to seeing how superstar names like LeBron James are getting on, it is sport which never lacks excitement.

It is of course also thrilling to think about who might win the Championship in June. With so much ball left to play before post-season, it is hard to say for sure right now. However, the teams above look to have the best chance of lifting the trophy come season end.

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