Meet Layla Hardaway – Youngest Child of Basketball Coach Penny Hardaway

Penny Hardaway daughter Layla Hardaway

Anfernee Deon Hardaway is professionally known as Penny Hardaway. He is an American college basketball coach and a former basketball player. Since 2018, Hardaway has been serving as a head coach for the Memphis Tigers of the American Athletic Conference. Apart from coaching career, Penny Hardaway is also a former NBA player. He played for 14 seasons in NBA for the teams like Orlando Magic, Phoenix Suns, New York Knicks, and Miami Heat. Moreover, he started his coaching career in 2011 as head coach for the middle school alma mater. In this article, we will be talking about Penny Hardaway’s daughter Layla Hardaway.

Hardaway has proved himself as one of the most competent coaches during a short period by leading his team to National Invitation Tournament (NIT). As a result, he has earned much fame and attention in the league. Likewise, Penny’s personal life has become a subject of interest due to his popularity. He is a father of four kids who also constantly appear in the limelight. Without further delay, here are some interesting facts about Penny Hardaway’s daughter Layla Hardaway.

Penny Hardaway’s Daughter Layla Hardaway Is the Youngest Child

Penny Hardaway’s daughter Layla Hardaway was born to her father, Penny Hardaway, and her mother, Latarsha McCray as their second daughter in 1995. She has one elder sister, LaTanfernee Hardaway, who was born in 1992. Layla’s parents met while they were in high school and fell deeply for each other. Her dad was head over heels for her mother and used to live together but never got married. Nonetheless, the ex-pair welcomed Layla and her elder sister LaTanfernee. Layla’s mom and dad broke up when her elder sister was just eight.

After her mother filed a complaint against her father for the intimidation and domestic violence, the case reached court and was settled after her father agreed to pay the charges. Layla and her sister probably didn’t have any ideas about what was going on as they were still too young to understand such an intense and emotional situation. It seems the Hardaway sisters grew up only with their mother. It is sad to know that they didn’t get to live with both parents during their childhood. Nonetheless, the siblings must have received enough love and attention while growing up from both of their parents.

Penny Hardaway’s Daughter Layla Hardaway Is A Soon-to-be Aunt

Layla Hardaway will soon be an aunt, considering her elder sister LaTanfernee’s pregnancy is due by June 2022. Her elder sister’s baby father is Ray Chesterfield II. As per her sister’s baby registry site, the unborn child is a boy. So there will soon be a little guy to steal Layla’s heart with his cuteness and smile. There is also a saying, being a sister is an honor but being an aunt is priceless.

Likewise, when Penny Hardaway’s daughter Layla becomes an aunt, she will enjoy all the joy and pride from her nephew’s accomplishments. But, most importantly, she will have a buddy who will never say no, go to amusement parks and play all day. Let’s hope Layla and her soon-to-be-born nephew will get to spend much time together and make many joyous and precious memories. While her elder sister is now in a stable relationship and is set to welcome a child with her baby father, Layla has remained quiet about her love life. Nonetheless, we hope to be introduced to Layla Hardaway’s boyfriend in the coming days.

Penny Hardaway’s daughter Layla Hardaway
Penny Hardaway’s daughter Layla Hardaway has two half-brothers. Picture Source: Pinterest.

Layla Hardaway Has Two Half-Brothers

Apart from her elder sister, LaTanfernee Hardaway, Layla has two half-brothers, Jayden Hardaway and Ashton Hardaway, from her dad’s past relationship with Nikki Ward. But, Penny’s second relationship also didn’t succeed, and the ex-pair broke up despite being the parents of two sons. Layla’s half-brothers are involved in sports. For instance, Ashton is a shooter at Duncanville High and won the state championship in March 2022. Likewise, her other half-sibling, Jayden, plays in their dad’s team, Memphis Tigers. Currently, Layla’s dad, Penny Hardaway, shares a blissful marital life with Mary McDonnell, whose profession is still a secret.

Her stepmom seems to prefer a private life. Not only that but Mary and Penny have not welcomed any child together yet. However, they might be planning it, and news may pop out anytime soon. Let’s hope her father is happy with his current relationship. Penny Hardaway’s daughter Layla Hardaway, might be living her life happily and comfortably. She is a person of privacy who loves to live away from the public eye. However, it would be great if we could hear more about her career and love life. We wish her prosperous and peaceful life ahead.

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