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Photo Management Software for Mac: Tips to Stay Organized

Photo Management Software for Mac: Tips to Stay Organized

Were you under the impression that saving pictures on Mac is challenging? Let’s first tackle this misconception. 

Here’s how to save pictures on Mac, and you’ll be surprised at its simplicity:

  • If you are saving a picture from the web, press Control, click on the image you want to save or do the same with right-click. Then, select Save Image As, name the picture, select the location where you want to save it, and click Save. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the picture into the chosen destination. But this doesn’t let you name the file, 
  • Take a screenshot (Command + Shift + 3/4/5) to save an image, which will be saved on the desktop. 
  • Copy pictures from an external device and save them on your Mac. Drag and drop them or right-click on the pictures > click Copy > open the chosen destination, right-click and choose Paste. 

So, saving pictures on your Mac isn’t the problem. But managing them can be. Managing a vast library is tricky and pretty quickly turns into chaos. Using photo management software is the best way to stay organized and tame your photo gallery. 

The Most Popular Photo Management Apps for Mac are Listed Below. 


Mastering Photos on Mac is the biggest secret to photo organization. This is a native application that does the job. 

Photos let you organize your pictures by simply dragging and dropping them. Using the Smart Albums feature, you can quickly group images by camera, date, and even the people in them. 

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic 

In the world of creative technology, Adobe takes the cake. Hence, don’t be surprised that Lightroom is considered one of the best photo management apps. The app can be a bit challenging initially, but it gets easier. 

Once you have crossed the learning curve, you will find the catalog system can handle the most demanding organizational needs. The app offers a complete photo management suite along with editing tools. First, you must import folders and add them to the app’s catalog. Then, the files and folders will be fully manageable. You can move images, change the folder hierarchy, create new folders, etc. 

In the Lightroom application, pictures can be filtered by color labels or star ratings. You can create virtual folders to avoid affecting the underlying folder hierarchy. Then, continue exploring the different Lightroom features. 

Adobe Bridge 

Adobe Bridge is a popular photo storage software for Mac, which is completely free. This software is a direct rival of Adobe Lightroom and can be quickly integrated with Illustrator and Photoshop. The app lets you save the edited and created files without taking up storage space on your computer. 

Although Adobe Bridge is free, the software offers advanced organizational tools, including ratings and tags. The software is also supplied with powerful features that make it easier to search content. The batch mode can be used for managing and renaming folders and pictures. 


Do you want to consolidate your images in a single place? Mylio is just the application that will help you achieve your goal. 

When you start using the application, you will be prompted to look for your pictures on an external device, current device, and other platforms. Using the app, you can import all the photos you have taken in your lifetime. Then, organize them so you can view them when you want. 

One of the coolest views is the Calendar. This shows your photo collection on a calendar so you can find the photos of your graduation day, first anniversary, etc. Even if you forget to name the folder, the pictures will be stored chronologically. 


Picktorial is a Mac-exclusive photo management software. Users consider this software as a diamond in the rough. Usually overlooked in favor of the bigger names, this software is packed with powerful features that give the other apps a run for their money. 

The software has an intuitive interface with custom modules that can be viewed in a single window. There are several options for stacking shots and sorting through the pictures. While the features appear superficial, the design is the main USP of this photo management software. 

The software lets you search keywords, along with ratings and metadata. You can even create custom albums or smart albums to tailor your search. So, there can be a smart folder for all the black and white photos or an album where all the photos are found that are tagged in the same location.

Picktorial offers a limited free version that you can install and use. If you enjoy using the app, you can purchase the full version at a one-time fee.  


Organizing photos doesn’t seem like a big task anymore, right? These photo management programs make the job easy for you. Pick one, and you’ll always be thankful for the find. 

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