Popular Netflix Releases in Canada and the Rise of Subscription Services

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The immense popularity of Netflix in Canada is part of a rising trend of Canadians paying for subscription services. What are some of the popular Netflix releases people are happy to pay for, and what do you need to remember when paying for this kind of service?

Ways to Keep Payments Safe When Subscribing

The number of Netflix subscribers in Canada grew from 6.13 million in 2017 to over 16.2 million in 2019, as the company’s revenue reached US$593 million (C$780 million) for the first nine months of the 2019 financial year. This represents a huge amount of money that subscribers need to safely transfer from their account to Netflix.

When we add in other entertainment services such as music streaming and online casinos, it’s clear there is huge demand for safe payment methods that people can use to pay for whatever they want. Thankfully, a range of options such as debit cards and electronic wallets are available with no hassle or security fears, although each company sets its own list of accepted methods.

For example, the Interac e-Transfer method is popular in Canada and is widely used to fund casino accounts. Genesis Casino confirms the benefits of using an Interac e transfer casino, with over 250 financial institutions providing a safe, secure way of moving cash this way. The transaction is carried out between the client’s bank and the casino’s bank, giving a smooth process that lets users start playing right away.

Whereas the payment methods accepted by Netflix in Canada are limited to credit and debit cards, including virtual and pre-paid cards. If you want to pay for Spotify music streaming, you can choose from cards, but also PayPal, gift cards, pay by mobile, and pay as you go options. So, it seems that some entertainment services have some catching up to do in order to stay as current as others and offer customers more freedom of choice.

What Are the Most Popular Netflix Releases in Canada?

The list of the most popular releases on Netflix is varied and constantly changing due to the sheer volume of different movies and shows they feature. If we take the data from January 2022, we can see the likes of 2014’s dramatic Snowpiercer movie starring Chris Evans at the top of the list.

A different list from Reader’s Digest based on Rotten Tomatoes ratings starts with the recently released The Power of the Dog. After that comes The Shawshank Redemption, with this classic from 1994 still available for Canadian Netflix subscribers. Schindler’s List and Parasite are other highly rated movies that can be found on this service. In terms of new series and movies from Canada, this site lists titles such as The Decline, There’s Something in the Water, and Christmas With a View among the top options.

With trusted payment methods available and a greater variety of streaming services available, it seems certain that the number of Canadians using this kind of home entertainment service will continue increasing.

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