PSG Change of Approach: Will Their Pursuit of ‘Humble’ Be More Successful Than Their Pursuit of Stars?

PSG’s bold change of strategy has been incredibly controversial, and there are more than just a few people that question whether or not this development is ultimately going to be a good thing for the team in the long run. Well, this question is perfectly valid. 

Nobody truly knows what is going to come of PSG following their change of strategy. Still, by taking into consideration a few key pieces of crucial information, we may actually be able to get a better insight as to how this venture is going to turn out. Let’s dive straight into it and talk about whether or not PSG’s pursuit of humble players is going to bear more fruit than their previous strategy of going for star players.

The Ability To Mould Players Into What They Need 

One huge problem that most teams face when bringing on star players is that they are unable to shape them to fulfil the needs of the team. Whether it be because of ego, a reluctance to give up their signature style, or just a fear of being out of the public eye, some stars are just unwilling to change their playstyle when needed, and this can become a huge detriment to a team. 

The PSG player roster is full of talented individuals, all of which warrant respect in their own right. However, when there are such huge discrepancies in popularity between the players, this can make things somewhat difficult to consolidate, and this is one of the many reasons why most celebrity players can be a little difficult to control.

Although, if PSG were to switch up their strategy by going for humble players that are just teeming with potential and ready to do whatever is necessary, this is going to give them the ability to mould players in whichever direction they would like, and the impact that this is going to have is unfathomable.

It would not be a surprise to see every online sportsbook increasing their odds for PSG’s upcoming games as this strategy comes into play – despite the fact that they are no longer going for star players, an increase in performance is near-guaranteed. 

Any Differences In Skill At The Highest Level Are Extremely Miniscule

If you take a look at any professional football player, you will find that any differences in skill between said player and the stars of the industry are incredibly minuscule. Sure, you have your greats that are on another level; but when it comes to the fan favourites, very few are any more extraordinary than the average professional football player. 

This means that PSG would be losing very little in terms of skill if they were to forego chasing after the stars, and in fact, it may even lead to a more solid team overall. If you need an indication to know just how serious they are about this, look no further than the fact that PSG may even vault Neymar.

PSG’s pursuit of humble players is going to give them a lot more wiggle room, and it looks as though they are set to experience a plethora of positives once this new philosophy comes to fruition.

In truth, nobody can know for sure how PSG’s change of strategy is going to play out. It may allow the team to reach heights that they have never reached before, or it could push them out of the public eye and into obscurity. Only time will tell. 

No matter what happens, it is certainly going to be interesting to see how things turn out, and if all goes well, we may just see other teams start to favour humble players over football superstars. 

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