Home Net Worth Rapper Yung Phonikz Net Worth 2021 – Earnings From Music Albums & Endorsement Deals

Rapper Yung Phonikz Net Worth 2021 – Earnings From Music Albums & Endorsement Deals

Rapper Yung Phonikz Net Worth 2021 – Earnings From Music Albums & Endorsement Deals

Music is a vital part of different moments of human life which has spread happiness and joy in a person’s life. With the help of music, more people are connected and gives immense peace to us. We all know that music has played an integral part in everyone’s life. As the music industry is growing step by step and we can see many emerging musical artists giving their best to create good music and gained success in their life. We can see many musical artists like Jay Z, Kanye West, Eminem, Drake, Tupac Shaker, Lil Wayne, and many more who have managed to create a history on the rap genre of the music industry lately.

 Among them, Nemiah Lewis is also one of them who has been contributing to the music industry from a young age. Moreover, Nemiah Lewis is an emerging young music artist, singer, rapper, and author. Besides, Nemiah Lewis is also popular by the name Nemo Yung Phonikz or Nino Brown. Besides, the young rapper has released several songs like Rumorz, Stay True 2 Myself, I’d Rather, Suck Dat Booty Meat and many more. Apart from this, Nemiah Lewis also uploads his song on SoundCloud which has over 5.5k followers. Moreover, the young talented rapper has collaborated with other emerging artists like D-Mize, Dre Pe$o, and many other. Without further delay, here are some interesting facts on emerging rapper Yung Phonikz.

Know About Yung Phonikz Early Life, Education, and Family

Yung Phonikz took birth to the parents Sonya Barboz and Derrick Lewis on 7th June 2001 in New Bedford Massachusetts, United States. Besides, he spent his childhood living in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Likewise, he also has three siblings named Ciarah, Camryn, and Lyrick Lewis. Moreover, Yung Phonikz shares a good bond with his siblings. Furthermore, Yung Phonikz holds an American nationality.

Following on his educational background, Phonikz attended East Taunton Elementary School. Later, he went to BMC Durgee High School. As of now, the young rapper is 20 years old and is pursuing his career in the music industry. At the age of eight, Yung Phonikz started to show his interest in music and writing.


Moving onward Yung Phonikz career, began singing from early childhood. At the age of eight, the young talented rapper started to write and sing songs. Inspired by the music’s greatest personalities like 2pac, Biggie Nasty, Eric B. & Rakim, Eminem, Bid Daddy, 50 Cent, and DMX, Yong Phonikz also started to pursue his career in music from an early age. Although the young rapper has started singing from an early age, however, he has officially started singing professionally in late 2015.

To date, the young rapper Yung Phonikz has released numerous music albums and singles. Some of his music albums that gain huge popularity are By Tha Time I Get to Phonikz Part 1 and 2, From Fire 2 Sun, and 700 Degreez. Apart from this, the rapper has also released several singles like Stay True 2 Myself, Rumorz, Doin Better Den Beez Haterz, She Got That Wet, Too Legit 2 Quit It, Popping Out, 25 Shotz, No Hook, Felxin N Trappin, etc. Apart from this, Yung Phonikz has also collaborated with several other musical artists like Dre Pe$o, Jersey Dinero, Juss Divine Salty, and RAMZ Beats.

Yung Phonikz Is Also An Author

Apart from his emerging career in the music industry, the young talented Yung Phonikz is also an author. Most recently, Yung Phonikz has released a teenage and adult novel titled Voiceless Minds From A Musical Genius.

Yung Phonikz Net Worth and Source of Earnings

With immense success in the music industry, the emerging rapper has earned quite fame in his life. As of now, Yung Phonikz’s net worth is still under calculation. However, we believe the rapper has earned quite a hefty sum of money from his music industry. Furthermore, the rapper is also active on SoundCloud and releases his music on it. As of now, his SoundCloud account has 5.5k followers.

While talking to Yung Phonikz, if he wasn’t making music, he would be making money by selling weed and side hustles or doing chores for allowance money. Moreover, the young rapper is also active on social media handles. Similarly, Yung also has a self-titled YouTube channel which has 192 subscribers. We assume that the rising and talented rapper, Yung Phonikz gets huge success in the music industry in the coming days. Moreover, the rapper also earns from endorsement deals.

Know About Yung Phonikz Personal Life and Relationship

Following Yung Phonikz’s personal life, he is currently in a loving relationship with his girlfriend Deja Butler. Moreover, the young couple started dating in 2018. Moreover, he is currently in on an off relationship with his girlfriend Deija Butler. Apart from his relationship with Deija, Yung Phonikz also dated and romantically involved with personalities like Yaritzel Arceo, and Isabella Chavez.

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