The reasons why online gaming is continuing to grow

Casino gaming is a popular pastime across the world, in which it was worth $249.3 billion globally as of 2022. However, in many places in the world, casino gaming is still tightly regulated and can be hard to access legally. Thanks to the digital revolution though, it has never been easier for people across the world to access online gaming like bingo, blackjack games, online slots, and so much more. All you need is a stable Wi-Fi connection and you can access such games from a remote beach setting, on the commute to work, or even at home in the middle of the night. 

There are various market trends and technologies fuelling the growth of the online casino industry. Below, we’ll explore the technologies that have been a game changer for the industry, as well as shifts in market trends and geographical factors that have affected the industry. 

Shifting demographic markets

Historically, gaming has been thought of as a male dominated activity and market. As such, games were designed and marketed specifically to appeal to males with gun violence, battle arenas, and close combat being common gaming themes.

However, in modern times, many more demographic groups including females and younger people have access to these traditional games like poker, slots, blackjack and bingo. Rather than having to visit a real life casino where stigmas may still exist, these demographic groups can enjoy online games from the privacy of their own homes. 

In fact, as of this year, a staggering 49% of online gamers in the US are female. This shows that as females gain more exposure to accessing online games, they are creating new standards within the industry where gaming manufacturers have to rethink their strategy to provide suitable games and marketing materials for an ever shifting demographic. 

VR and AR

VR and AR technology are game changers when it comes to playing online. While playing a game at home on the web can be significantly different to the exciting atmosphere of a real life casino, online technology is helping to bridge this gap by providing experiences for the senses that enable the person to really feel like they are in the game. 

Virtual technology has existed in the gaming world for a while now and enables players to be completely transported into a fantasy online world where the game takes place. This means the player can experience the emotions of really living in the game world, while outside distractions are eliminated.

Alternatively, Augmented reality technology uses the players surroundings but incorporates live aspects of the game so that it becomes more interactive. This is an highly enjoyable option too, although it is important to be aware of your surroundings and have adequate space in your gaming area. 

Accessible payments

Just a decade ago, payments methods for online gaming were limited and often posed a high risk to the  customer. Today’s cyber security specialists are able to reduce this risk, however players can also take matters into their own hands by using cryptocurrency as a form of payment. 

Cryptocurrency operates on blockchain technology, meaning that it is very hard to trace and therefore protects the players anonymity and card details. What’s more, as cryptocurrency does not go through a central banking authority, transactions are generally much faster too, contributing to a better gaming experience and smoother gameplay without having to wait days for a deposit to show in the account. 

Streaming services

One major shift in online gaming is the model by which games are offered. Traditionally, games were provided on a disk and had to be installed onto the computer and your progress constantly saved. However, today’s gaming model is shifting dramatically into monthly subscriptions models where players have the power to rent rather than buy expensive gaming titles. 

One of the best things about this model is that players get to experience a whole range of gaming titles without having to purchase them. This options is usually better on the wallet, as well as creating a better user experience where players have more access to any titles that interest them than ever before.

More appealing rewards

Thanks to online casinos, there are more opportunities to offer attractive bonuses and rewards to online players. Some of the most common types of online gaming rewards include loyalty schemes where players get bonus money for returning to the same seat. 

One of the most popular rewards is no deposit offers as they allow players to check out site and explore the games without having to pay and before committing to a website. This makes online gaming much more accessible. 

Overall, there are so many technological changes going on today that are affecting the online casino industry. Combined with key changes in demographics across the world and certain pressures on target markets, people are more able to access these different kinds of games and absorb the knowledge provided.

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