Meet Christopher Rivera – NFL Coach Ron Rivera Only Son With His Partner Stephanie Rivera

Ron Rivera son Christopher Rivera

Ronald Eugene Rivera also known as Ron Rivera is an American football head coach and former player. Nicknamed Riverboat Ron, he currently serves as the head coach for the Washington Commanders of the National Football League. The Fort Ord, California-born, Ron Rivera became an All-American linebacker for the Golden Bears. The football head coach, Ron started his coaching career as a defensive quality control coach for the Bears in 1997. Afterward, he began working as a linebackers coach for the Philadelphia Eagles under head coach Andy Reid in 1999. During his coaching career with the Eagles, the team advanced to three consecutive NFC championships. He started the 2004 season as a defensive coordinator for the Chicago Bears. In 2011, Ron was appointed as the head coach for the Carolina Panthers. In this article, we will be talking about NFL coach Ron Rivera’s son Christopher Rivera.

The California native, Ron Rivera worked in the head coach position for nine years with the Panthers. Later, he joined the Washington Commanders in 2020 as the head coach. Talking about his playing career, Ron started playing football at Seaside High School. Rivera enrolled at the University of California, Berkeley where he played for the Golden Bears as a linebacker. During his collegiate career, he earned several honors including All-American, Pac-10 Football Defensive Player of the Year, the Pop Warner Trophy, and MVP of the East-West Shrine Game. He became the 44th-picked player in the second round of the 1984 NFL Draft by the Chicago Bears. Rivera won his Super Bowl Championship in 1985 becoming the first American of Puerto Rican descent to win a Super Bowl. His team won Super Bowl XX. Without further delay, here are some interesting facts about Ron Rivera’s son Christopher Rivera.

Who is Ron Rivera’s Son Christopher Rivera?

If you are an avid football lover, you must be familiar with the name Ron Rivera. The UCLA graduate, Ron Rivera has gained immense fame from his football career. The 61-year-old, Ron Rivera is also a devoted family person. Following his personal life, Ron Rivera shares a conjugal relationship with his beautiful wife, Stephanie Rivera. The beautiful Rivera couple encountered for the first time at the university. Both Ron and Stephanie attended the University of California, Berkeley. During their college days, the husband-wife duo was involved in college basketball. With their love for basketball, the couple instantly fell in love and tied their wedding knot in 1994. Since then, the happily married couple has been enjoying their marital bliss. Ron Rivera’s son Christopher Rivera is the first-born child of the NFL coach with his partner Stephanie. Christopher Rivera took birth on 25th May 1986.

Being the eldest member of the family, Ron Rivera’s son must have been raised with immense love and care. He must have been pampered very well. Furthermore, Christopher has a younger sister named Courtney Rivera who took birth in May 1993. Both the Rivera siblings must have enjoyed their wonderful childhood life. Moreover, Christopher shares a strong bond with his sister. Following on, Courtney has followed in her father’s footsteps and pursued sports in her career. She played softball during her collegiate career. Being the eldest child of the family, Christopher must have taken care of his sister during her childhood days.

Ron Rivera’s Son Worked At Disney

While Christopher’s sister Courtney played softball during her college days, Ron Rivera’s son Christopher Rivera seems to have pursued a different career. Talking about Christopher’s educational background, he completed high school at a local school in California. To pursue further education, Christopher enrolled at the University of North Carolina School of Arts in 2004. He completed his graduation in 2008 earning a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and Stage Management. After completing his college degree, Christopher began working in a similar industry.

Ron Rivera's son Christopher Rivera
Ron Rivera’s son Christopher Rivera is a Stage Manager at the Walt Disney Studios. Picture Source: Pinterest.

Ron Rivera’s son began working as a Stage Manager at the Walt Disney Studios. He worked until November 2013. Likewise, Christopher has also worked at Disneyland Resort as an Assistant Stage Manager, Assistant Project Controller, and Productions Specialist for the next three years.  The eldest child of Ron Rivera then joined Walt Disney Imagineering to work as a Production Coordinator in February 2014. He was later promoted to Production Manager in June 2015. In addition to this, Christopher has also worked as a Production Manager at Kreate Inc. As of now, Christopher serves as Senior Manager and Special Projects for the Washington Football Team. He has been working in the position since July 2021. Likewise, his sister is also involved in the organization as their social media producer.

Christopher Rivera Is A Proud Gay

Ron Rivera’s son Christopher Rivera is a proud homosexual man. According to the online reports, Christopher tied his engagement knot with his long-time boyfriend, Andrew Ibarra. After dating for nearly eight years, the couple tied their wedding knot on June 10, 2022. Together, the couple adopted a dog named Maui. Furthermore, Christopher’s parents are proud of him and his boyfriend. In addition to this, the married couple also took holidays and enjoyed their time together. Nevertheless, Christopher is enjoying his wonderful time with his family member.

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