Know About NFL Coach Ron Rivera Wife Stephanie Rivera Who Is Former Basketball Coach

Born as Ronald Eugene Rivera and professionally known by the named Ron Rivera is an American football coach. Besides, Ron is also known by the nickname, Riverboat Ron. As of now, Ron serves as the head coach for the Washington Football Team of the National Football League. The 60-year-old, Rivera started his coaching career back in 1997. Moreover, he has been actively involved in the coaching business for more than two decades. During his career, he worked as a defensive quality control coach, linebackers coach, and defensive coordinator. Before becoming the head coach for the Washington Football team, he served as a head coach for the Carolina Panthers for nine years. In this article, we will be talking about Ron Rivera’s wife Stephanie Rivera.

The Ford Ord, California-born, Ron Rivera has been awarded the NFL Coach of the Year two times. The former Carolina Panthers coach, Ron is also a football player. He played college football at the University of California. As a football player, he played as a linebacker and played three years for the Golden Bears. Rivera became the 44th overall picked player in round two of the 1984 NFL Draft. He was picked by the Chicago Bears. As a player, he played in National Football League from 1984 to 1992. He also won the Super Bowl XX title in 1985 by defeating the New England Patriots.  In the 1988 season, he was named the team’s Man of the Year. Moreover, Ron played for nine seasons for the Bears before he retired in the 1992 season. Without further delay, here are some interesting facts on Ron Rivera’s wife Stephanie Rivera.

Know About Ron Rivera Personal Life and Relationship

Following on Ron Rivera’s personal life, he is currently in a marital relationship with his wife, Stephanie Rivera. Furthermore, Ron Rivera’s wife Stephanie Rivera is a basketball coach. She worked as an assistant coach for the Washington Mystics. Besides, she is also the director of operations and chief strategist for Rivera Corp. Besides, Ron met his future wife, Stephanie for the first time in the summer of 1983 at the University of California, Berkeley. Both Ron and Stephanie were connected through their love for sports.

While Ron was senior, Stephanie was playing as a point guard in her sophomore year. After frequently meeting each other, Ron asked his future wife to go out on a date. After dating each other for four months, Ron purposed to her and tied the engagement knot. The beautiful couple exchanged their wedding vows in 1984. Besides, the married couple also became the proud parent of two kids. Since their marriage, the couple is happily living together.

Who Is Ron Rivera’s Wife Stephanie Rivera?

As mentioned earlier, Ron Rivera’s wife Stephanie Rivera is popular for being the wife of an NFL coach. Apart from being the wife of an NFL coach, Stephanie has her own legacy set a basketball. Both Stephanie and Ron connected through their love for sports. Ron Rivera’s wife played basketball for the University of California. Moreover, she played a point guard for the university team. However, Stephanie played career ended shortly after picking up a knee injury during her freshman year. Moreover, she completed her graduation from the university with a psychology degree.

Despite her basketball career ending shortly, she didn’t give up on her love for basketball. She followed her passion and started a coaching career. According to Ron Rivera’s wife Stephanie Rivera, the injury has helped her to fast-track her career in coaching. Stephanie started working as an assistant coach for the Washington Mystics in 2000. She traveled on a West Coast trip alongside the team during the summer. However, she decided to leave her coaching career and started to move with her husband. Likewise, she also joined the staff of the Cathedral Catholic High School. Additionally, Stephanie has coached several levels in high school, college, and youth levels. Moreover, she also servers as the Director of Operations and Chief Strategist for Rivera Corp.

Stephanie Rivera Involved In Philanthropic Work

The NFL coach, Ron River, and his wife, Stephanie are known for their philanthropic activities. Moreover, the couple has worked together in various charity events for a long period. The couple has been actively involved in social work since 2011 after moving to North Carolina. Besides, they have also conducted a fund-raising event throughout the year.

Ron Rivera wife Stephanie Rivera
Ron Rivera’s wife Stephanie Rivera is a former basketball coach. Picture Source: Pinterest.

Moreover, Ron Rivera’s wife Stephanie has collaborated with her husband to raise money and donate to the people who have been fighting against pancreatic cancer. Besides, Ron was himself diagnosed with cancer, squamous cell carcinoma in 2020. Likewise, Stephanie was also honored by The Humane Society of Charlotte for her social activities and fundraising efforts. The husband-and-wife duo has collected over $60,000 and donated to Humane Society by organizing fundraising efforts like a Panthers recipe book and calendar.

Stephanie Rivera Is A Mother Of Two Kids

The former Chicago Bears linebacker, Ron Rivera shares a blissful marital relationship with his wife Stephanie Rivers. Besides, the couple met each other for the first time during their university days. Both Ron and Stephanie attended the same university at the University of California, Berkeley. During the time, Ron was a senior, while Stephanie was a basketball player in her sophomore year. Later, Ron introduced himself to Stephanie and her friends.

After frequently meeting each other, Ron decided to ask his future wife, Stephanie to go out on a date. The pair shared feeling for each other and later started dating. After dating for four months, the couple tied their engagement knot. The engaged pair then exchanged their wedding vows in 1984. As of now, the pair are happily married for 34 years. During their three-decades-long marital relationship, the couple welcomed two kids. Ron Rivera’s wife Stephanie Rivera gave birth to their first baby son named Christopher Rivera in 1986. Likewise, they also welcomed their daughter named Courtney Rivera. The pair has not revealed much about their kids. Moreover, the Rivera family is living their wonderful life together.

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