Know About MLB Tonight Analyst Sean Casey Wife Mandi Casey Who Shares Four Children With His Spouse

Born as Sean Thomas Casey and professionally known by the name Seam Casey is a former baseball player. Besides, Sean has played for different teams of major league baseball teams like Cleveland Indians, Cincinnati Reds, Pittsburgh Pirates, Detroit Tigers, and Boston Red Sox. As of now, Sean Casey is working as a sports analyst, broadcaster, and commentator for the MLB Network. Throughout his career, Sean has appeared in the Major League Baseball All-Star Game three times. Likewise, Casey also became Cincinnati Reds Hall of Famer. In this article, we will be discussing on Sean Casey’s wife Mandi Casey.

Having made his MLB debut in September 1997 with the Cleveland Indians, he became the first baseman for most of the team he played for. The Willingboro Township, New Jersey origin, Casey made his final appearance in September 2008 for the Boston Red Sox. In his overall career, he made 130 home runs, and has a batting average of 0.302, and made 735 runs. In addition to this, Sean Casey became the 53rd overall pick player by the Cleveland Indians in the 1995 MLB draft. After finishing his fruitful career, Sean started his career as an analyst who appears across MLB Network’s show, MLB Tonight. Without further delay, here are some interesting facts on Sean Casey’s wife Mandi Casey.

Who Is Sean Casey’s Wife Mandi Casey?

Born to Joan and Jim Casey, Sean Casey took birth in Willingboro, New Jersey. Moreover, his family moved to Upper St. Clair while he was a child. Moreover, Sean is only a child of his parent. Following Sean Casey’s personal life, he is currently in a marital relationship with his beautiful wife, Mandi Casey. Furthermore, Sean Casey’s wife Mandi Casey is a former volleyball player. As of now, she is associated with charity and community service work alongside her spouse, Sean Casey.

Moreover, the couple met each other for the first time in 1998. Sean didn’t take a long time to purposed her then-girlfriend, Mandi with a beautiful engagement ring. After dating for ten months, the couple tied their wedding knot. As of now, Mandi and Sean are in a marital relationship for more than two decades. In their 22 years of marital relationship, they welcomed four children together. Moreover, Mandi and Sean are proud parents of two sons named Jacob and Andrew, and two daughters Carlie and Jillian Casey. Sean Casey’s wife is enjoying her life at the fullest.

Sean Casey’s Wife Is A Graduate of the University of Akron

As mentioned earlier Sean Casey’s wife Mandi Casey is a former volleyball player. She attended the University of Akron where is used to play volleyball. As of now, the beautiful Mandi work for community service and charity programs. Moreover, she is a vice-president of the Miracle League of South Hill. Both Sean and Mandi launched their new project, Miracle League Field helping the needed student by providing a scholarship in Upper St. Clair. Likewise, Mandi Casey’s husband Sean is the president of the project.

Sean Casey and Mandi Casey Tied Knot In 1999

The MLB Tonight commentator, Sean Casey met his future wife, Mandi Casey in 1998. After dating briefly for ten months, the couple made their bond stronger. Therefore, Sean didn’t wait long to walk down in the aisle with his beloved then-girlfriend Mandi. The beautiful couple tied their wedding knot on 6th November 1999. Furthermore, the year 1999 turned out to be good luck for Sean as he also won the renowned and prestigious Hutch Award in the same year of his marriage.

Apart from this, the lovely pair Mandi Casey and Sean Casey first met each other in 1998 at the University of Akron. In over twenty years of their marital relationship, Mandi and Sean experienced many good and bad times in their lives. Nonetheless, they managed to solve the problem together and allow harmony in their relationship. As of now, the Casey pair is one of the renowned pairs in the world of sports.

Mandi Casey Is a Mother To Four Kids From Her Relationship With Sean Casey

The decade-long commitment to one another has not only given Mandi Casey and Sean Casey their marital bliss but has also blessed them with four children. Moreover, Mandi and Sean are the proud parents of their four children. Moreover, Sean Casey’s wife Mandi Casey gave birth to their first son named Andrew Casey. Similarly, the couple shared their second son named Jacob Casey. Likewise, the couple also has two daughters named Carli and Jillian Casey.

Sean Casey's wife Mandi Casey
Sean Casey’s wife Mandi Casey shares four children from their relationship. Picture Source: Pinterest.

In addition to this, both of Sean Casey’s sons, Jacob and Andrew, acquired their dad’s athletic abilities. Growing up, they also showed their interest in the sports that their father has played for. Furthermore, Sean Casey’s older son, Andrew is a baseball player. As of now, Andrew is a four-year starter for the University of Southern California. Likewise, Sean Casey’s second son, Jacob is additionally a decent baseball player at Steel City Wildcats and is focused on Kent State University. While Sean Casey’s sons are making his father proud, his daughters Carli and Jillian avoid the spotlight of media. Moreover, Mandi and Sean Casey’s daughters have maintained their personal life in privacy.

Mandi Casey Participates In Charity and Community Services

As mentioned earlier, Sean Casey’s wife Mandi Casey is also a charitable person and frequently appears in the charity program. In 2011, Mandi and her spouse, Sean created a fund-raising program and raised around $1 million for their project. Moreover, Mandi and Sean are associated with community service. The couple launched their first project named Miracle League Field of South Hills in Upper St. Clair. Moreover, their project is created with the objective to help adults and children with special needs.

Presently, Sean Casey’s wife is the vice-president of the Miracle League of the South Hills, where Sean is the president. For her commitment to her local area, Mandi has won different awards. Most recently in 2018, she and her husband, Sean, got the Excellence in Community Awareness award from ACHIEVA for their work with their Miracle League. Also, in 2019, the Casey couple received the Ken Wagner Award at the Emmaus Kentucky Derby Gala.

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