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Top 7 Famous Sports Personality Without a Education Degree

Top 7 Famous Sports Personality Without a Education Degree

Many athletes have reached incredible success and popularity. Millions of people admire the achievements of football players, hockey players, golfers, and other sports representatives. But not every fan knows that his or her favorite athlete does not have a degree. It may sound surprising, but sometimes people don’t need to go to college or university to succeed in sports. Here are the most famous athletes without a degree.

Usain Bolt

It is the famous Jamaican speedster that has triumphantly entered the world of the Olympic Games. His records are still impressive to other athletes. Today Usain Bolt is one of the world’s richest athletes with an impressive number of gold medals. But you will be surprised to learn that he never attended college.

Since childhood, Usain dreamed of becoming an athlete and winning Olympic gold. That is why he trained daily and improved his strength. This allowed the athlete to set a mass of world records. If he studied in the USA, he could use SuperbgradeCom services and not worry about grades. But Jamaica has a different education system, so the athlete decided not to waste his time in college.

Sidney Crosby

It’s hard to find an American who doesn’t know about Sidney Crosby. This NHL player became a real hockey star at a fairly young age. He made his first professional debut at the age of 18. Unlike his friends, Sidney knew who he wanted to be. That is why the guy began to train hard at 10. It was diligence and talent that helped the athlete achieve incredible success and earn a fortune.

And it is worth noting that the athlete often admits in interviews that he thinks to get a degree but does not have a lot of free time. Nevertheless, Sidney Crosby is rightfully considered one of the best hockey players of our time.

Roger Federer

For many tennis enthusiasts, Roger Federer is an icon of professionalism and ingenuity. This Swiss athlete began his path to the championship at the age of 14. Unlike his friends, Roger had no free time. The athlete often tells in interviews that he had to train eight hours a day and learn various techniques. This is why his parents did not push him to attend college. Fortunately, this did not prevent the athlete from achieving high rankings and winning many cups.

Josh Hamilton

Like other athletes on this list, Josh Hamilton chose the sport and didn’t go to college. His parents supported him and helped teach him the basics of baseball. Josh started showing impressive results as early as 15, so many scouts began to watch him closely. Despite alcohol problems, this athlete has become one of the most popular baseball players of our time.

Josh is now a Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim player with a multi-million dollar deal. As you can see, this athlete has achieved success without college. However, today’s students should not give up their education. You can find a reliable paper writing service to delegate some of the paperwork. Then you can do sports too.

Tony Hawk

This guy is the most famous skateboarder in the world. His career began 12 years ago. This athlete is the author of the most dangerous and difficult stunts & sports tricks and has won over a hundred awards worldwide. Besides, Tony Hawk has co-authored many skateboarding video games.

The whole life of this athlete is connected with sports. It is his passion and main goal in life. However, Tony has no regrets about not going to college. He says that he made the right choice in many interviews because sport is the main goal in his life. Tony Hawk is now the owner of his clothing and skateboard brand.

Rory McIlroy

This Irishman started playing golf at the age of 10. When he was 15, he started thinking about starting a sports career. This is why McIlroy ditched the idea of ​​playing in college and set his sights on the professional level. In 2007, this athlete became famous throughout the game for his phenomenal performance and incredibly accurate eyes. He was able to achieve incredible success. Surely American golf fans are more familiar with stars like Tiger Woods, but Rory McIlroy has just as many accolades. The athlete is now focused on charity and travel.

Lionel Messi

If you love soccer, then you probably know about Lionel Messi. This incredible athlete is a graduate of Barcelona FC. Lionel started playing football in Argentina at the age of 10. Barcelona scouts highly appreciated his talents, and the guy moved with his parents to Spain. The whole life of this football player is connected with sports. Lionel did not have a single minute of free time and thought only about training. Fortunately, his talent and passion for soccer have made him one of the highest-paid athletes of our time.

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