Know About Basketball Coach Shaheen Holloway Wife Kim Holloway Who Is Mother Of Two Kids

Shaheen Holloway Wife Kim Holloway

Shaheen Holloway, the head coach for Seton Hall Pirates men’s basketball, is one of the best college basketball coaches. Seton Hall University hired Holloway on 30 March 2022. Before, he served as the head coach of Saint Peter’s Peacocks from 2018 to 2022. Likewise, he played college basketball at Seton Hall. The Queen, New York-born, Shaheen became eligible for the 2000 NBA Draft. However, he was not drafter by any of the NBA teams. Later, he went on to play in the 2000 Summer League. In this article, we will be discussing about Shaheen Holloway’s wife Kim Holloway.

As a player, Holloway has been involved in the league since 2000. However, the former player retired from his playing career in 2007 and kicked off his coaching career the same year, and has earned a lot of reputation. Owing to his reputation, his family members have also come into the media limelight. So, in today’s article, let’s get to know about Shaheen Holloway’s wife Kim Holloway.

Shaheen Holloway and Kim Holloway Personal Life and Marital Relationship

The Seton Hall head coach is blissfully married to Kim Holloway. The couple is famous for keeping their personal life away from the public eye. Similarly, there are no details about their dating history, including how they met and how long the duo dated before getting married. Not to mention, the married couple must be enjoying their happy conjugal life. Considering how strong their bond is now, they must love each other a lot. The duo must have shared their share of ups and downs along the journey with deep understanding and love.

Kim Holloway’s husband, Shaheen Holloway, is a graduate of Seton Hall University. He graduated from the university in 2001. However, there are no details about Kim’s education and career. She must have graduated from one of the prestigious universities and must be doing her dream job. Recently, Saint Peter won over the Murray State on 19 March 2022. The crowd of people watching and cheering the players was huge. Well, Shaheen Holloway’s wife Kim Holloway was also present in the crowd Saint Peter won over the Murray State. She enjoyed the match with her two sons and got visibly emotional over Saint Peter’s victory. Although the wife of the former head coach of Saint Peter prefers to stay out of the limelight, she can’t stop herself not to including herself in the crowd cheering her husband.

Shaheen Holloway’s Wife Kim Holloway Is Doting Mother of Two Sons

The Holloway couple has been together for a long time now. They have welcomed two sons, Xavier Holloway and Tyson Holloway, during their time together. Xavier was born in the early 2010s as the first child together of his parents. Tyson on the other hand was born in 2020. Well, there is some debate about the name of the coach’s youngest son as the NYpost has mentioned him as Tyler Holloway.

Whatever the name of the young one is, he is getting all the love from his parents and elder siblings. Moreover, in one of the interviews, the Seton Hall coach shared that fatherhood keeps him on his toes. Additionally, the former player is helping his son, Xavier, to become a good player. Shaheen Holloway’s son must also love basketball as he gets training and helps from his legendary father. He is already on his way to becoming one of the significant future players.

Kim Holloway Has A Step Daughter

Besides being a mother to her sons, Shaheen Holloway’s wife Kim Holloway is also a stepmother to her husband’s eldest child, Shatanik Holloway. She was born on 22 September 1993 to the famous coach and his ex-girlfriend. However, information about Shaheen’s baby mama is still confidential. The legendary coach must be protecting the privacy of Shatanik’s mother. In addition to that, the head coach was a teenager when he had his daughter. It must have been hard for the coach and his then-partner to enter parenthood when they were still so young.

Shaheen Holloway wife Kim Holloway
Shaheen Holloway’s wife Kim Holloway is a mother of two sons. Picture Source: Pinterest.

Kim’s husband disclosed that he stopped playing because he had to take care of his little girl. He discarded his two-year contract with Germany and came back to take care of his baby girl. Shaheen Holloway’s daughter attended Seton Hall University and graduated with BBA in Communication, General in 2018. Also, she is working as a private client advisor at Louis Vuitton. Kim Holloway’s stepdaughter is doing well in her life and enjoying her youth to the fullest. We wish her a rocking career ahead.

Shaheen Holloway’s Wife Lives Private Lifestyle

Mrs. Holloway is staying apart from the media spotlight, however, she must be spending quality time with her husband and kids. Furthermore, neither Shaheen nor his wife is active on any social media platforms. Nonetheless, Kim must be doing well and living a comfortable life away from the spotlight of the media. So let’s hope the head coach’s wife comes at ease to open up about her personal life in the media. We wish her wonderful life filled with happiness.

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