Know About Twitch Streamer Sonja Reid Boyfriend Nick Sanchez Who Is A Neuro Researcher

Sonja Reid boyfriend Nick Sanchez

Born as Sonja Reid and professionally known by the nickname OMGitsfirefoxx is a Canadian Twitch streamer and podcast host. Besides, the popular Twitch streamer is known for her entertaining and engaging content. Reid is particularly known for her streams of Minecraft and other popular games, as well as her collaborations with other streamers and content creators. The Toronto, Ontario-born, Sonja Reid has 742k followers on Twitch. Besides, she first started streaming back in 2013 while working in the retail sector. She started gaining recognition from her engaging content and later partnered on Twitch in January 2014. After gaining fame, she quit her retail job and focus entirely on streaming. The 32-year-old, Sonja became the most-followed female user on Twitch in October 2015. Moreover, she hosted the SXSW Gaming Awards. In this article, we will be talking about Sonja Reid’s boyfriend Nick Sanchez.

Having been acting in streaming since 2013, Sonja has achieved both fame and a name in her profession. Besides, the Twitch streamer also appeared on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list in 2016. Notwithstanding, she also became the most followed female videogames broadcaster on Twitch in the 2017 Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition. The Canadian twitch stream, Sonja Reid was named the fourth most influential gamer in the world by Forbes. Before starting her career as a Twitch streamer, Sonja initially started with the YouTube channel. However, she later switched to a Twitch streamer and gained widely famous on the platform. While her professional life has been short of successful, her love life remains in the spotlight of discussion. Here, we will be talking about a Twitch streamer’s journey to fame, including her personal relationship. Without further delay, let’s move on to Sonja Reid’s boyfriend Nick Sanchez.

Sonja Reid Started Her Journey With YouTube

Sonja Reid, popular by her online name OMGitsfirefoxx started her career as a YouTuber. She began streaming with her YouTube channel in 2013. Later, she decided to switch from YouTube to Twitch after gaining more attention from Twitch. Afterward gaining immense popularity as a Twitch streamer, she fully committed to the Twitch stream and left YouTube. Apart from this, the Twitch streamer is also popular for her appearance in acting shows including Hero Mode, CaRtOoNz, and Mianite.

The beautiful Twitch stream, Sonja Reid started gaining recognition in the Twitch gaming platform. Moreover, many other games began subscribing to her channel. She also partnered with Twitch in January 2014. By August 2016, she had over 700k Twitch followers creating a Guinness World Record for 2017 as the most-follower female Twitch streamer. Talking about her educational background, Sonja Reid studied computer programming. Likewise, she used to work in the retail business before starting her career as a streamer. Moreover, the Twitch streamer hasn’t revealed much about her early life.

Who Is Sonja Reid’s Ex-Boyfriend Tucker Boner?

The popular Twitch streamer, Sonja Reid was in a romantic relationship with a fellow gamer, Tucker Boner. Besides, Sonja Reid’s boyfriend is popular by the gaming name Jericho during the time. Both Sonja and Tucker being gamers must have met each other through the same platform. The former pair first collaborated on a gaming live stream on Twitch. Afterward, they decided to move to Portugal and started living together.

Besides, the ex-couple relationship bloomed in early 2016. However, they were together since 2013. Unlike every other relationship, the former pair also felt that their connection would last forever. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out and the pair parted ways in 2017. Regarding their breakup, the former couple also uploaded a video titled Snooze and announced that they have parted ways through it. However, the video didn’t mention the reason behind their breakup. According to the online source, the ex-pair made a mutual decision to split.

Sonja Reid’s boyfriend Nick Sanchez
Sonja Reid’s boyfriend Nick Sanchez is a neuro researcher. Picture Source: Pinterest.

Who Is Sonja Reid’s Boyfriend Nick Sanchez?

Afterward her breakup with Tucker, Sonja kept her dating life private. She never talked openly about her relationship status. However, there was a rumor of her dating Nick Sanchez. In addition to this, Sonja Reid also posted a few pictures with Sanchez on her Instagram in 2018. She made her relationship to the public in early 2019. Sonja Reid’s boyfriend Nick Sanchez is a neuro researcher and certified reiki healer.

Besides, Sonja Reid’s boyfriend has preferred to live her life away from the limelight of the media. In addition to this, Nick Sanchez has maintained a low profile. Therefore, nothing much is known about Sonja Reid’s boyfriend Nick Sanchez. It has been quite a while since Sonja last posted a picture with her partner. Does that mean the couple has separated? Nonetheless, Sonja Reid is yet to speak about her boyfriend Nick Sanchez. Hopefully, the Canadian gamer will reveal her love life in the coming days.

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