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YouTuber SSSniperWolf Net Worth 2020 – How Much She Earns From Her YouTube Channel?

YouTuber SSSniperWolf Net Worth 2020 – How Much She Earns From Her YouTube Channel?

SSSniperWolf is a British-American gamer, YouTuber, video creator, and social media personality. Besides, SSSniperWolf also won the Gamer of the Year award. The YouTuber also garners 18.6 million subscribers on her self-titled YouTube channel. According to Celebrity Net Worth, SSSniperWolf’s net worth is evaluated at $4 million as of 2020.

Furthermore, the YouTube gamer specializes in the first-person shooter Call of Duty. Besides, she also plays other games like Grand Theft Auto, Overwatch, and Fortnite Battle Royale. Let us dig a little bit deeper and see what we know about YouTuber SSSniperWolf.

Know About SSSniperWolf’s Net Worth, Childhood Life, Career, and Relationship

Alia Marie Shelesh popular by name SSSniperWolf took birth in England on 22nd October 1992. Besides, she also goes by name Lia Wolf and Lia Valentine. She has three younger siblings. Her parents moved to the United States at the age of 6. Furthermore, Wolf holds both American and British nationality and belongs to the Greek-Turkish ethnicity.

Following her educational background, she completed her high school from the local community college. Afterward, she went to a university where she began studying to become a pharmacist. Later, she switched her major to nursing. Wolf dropped her college to pursue her career in gaming.


At the beginning of Lia’s career, she worked in a polyester shop. She started her career on YouTube in January 2013. She created her self-titled YouTube channel. The idea behind her name as SSSniperWolf came from her first favorite video game, Metal Gear Solid. Later, she started recording her game play and uploaded it on YouTube.

YouTube SSSniperWolf garners over 18.6 million subscribers in her YouTube Channel. Picture Source: YouTube.

SSSniperWolf Career as YouTuber

Besides, Metal Gear Solid, she also started playing other games like Pokemon, Digimon, Spyro and Crash Bandicoot. She started playing in a PlayStation 2. In the following platform, she played games like Kingdom Hearts. Lia first uploaded her video on YouTube on January 22, 2013, with title BO2 Killed By A Girl. She usually showcases her skills at Call of Duty: Black Ops II. As of now, her channel garners over 18.6 million subscribers.

Afterward success from the first channel, she created a second channel named Little Lia where she shares DIYs, clothing hauls, and other random videos.

SSSniperWolf as Social Media Personality

Prior to her career as YouTuber, she also garners huge popularity on other social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Additionally, Lia also hosts a comedy series named Clickbait in 2017. Apart from being a great gamer, Lia is also a good hula hooper. She uses her skills in videos to attract a greater number of visitors.

Know About SSSniperWolf’s Net Worth and Earnings

Previously mentioned, SSSniperWolf’s net worth is evaluated at $4 million as of 2020. And talking about SSSniperWolf’s source of income, she primarily earned most of her wealth from her YouTube career. As of 2020, her channel has over 18.6 million subscribers.

Likewise, her secondary channel, Little Lia also has 2.4 million subscribers. Thus, we can assume that she has a massive amount of wealth from YouTube. Similarly, Lia has 4.6 million followers on Instagram.

Know About SSSniperWolf Personal Life and Relationship

Following on SSSniperWolf’s personal life, SSSniperWolf is currently single. However, she dated and romantically involved with fellow YouTuber Evan John Young. The ex-couple first met each other through social media and Skype. Later in November 2015, they started living together. Their relationship came to end on May 2016. Lia uploaded a video titled We Broke Up to officially announce their break up.

SSSniperWolf dated fellow YouTuber Evan Sausage in 2015. Picture Source: Pinterest.

Know About SSniperWolf Controversies

Despite being a popular YouTuber, there was a rumor of her involvement in the adult movies, nude controversy as well as using clickbait. In January 2016, a controversy evolved when a website named Drama Alert posted news regarding SSSniperWolf involving an adult movie on a separate YouTube channel called sexysexysniper. However, the allegations made by the website were neither confirmed nor rejected leaving the fans to wonder about it.

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