Know About Morris Chestnut Daughter Paige Chestnut

Morris Chestnut is one of the most successful African-American actors in Hollywood. Over his 25-year career, he has worked on both TV series and movies. Following on Morris Chestnut personal life, he is in marital relationship with wife Pam Chestnut. Furthermore, the couple shares a daughter named Paige Chestnut. Morris Chestnut’s daughter Paige Chestnut is a model.

Morris is best known for playing characters with a range of shades. Some of the outstanding movies that he has played include ‘Boyz n the Hood’, ‘The Brothers’, ‘The Perfect Holiday’, ‘Think Like a Man’, ‘Rosewood’, ‘The Best Man’, ‘The Ernest Green Story’, and many more.

Morris Chestnut took birth on January 1, 1996, in Cerritos, California to Morris Lamont Chestnut Sr. and Shirley Chestnut. He joined Richard Gahr High School and completed his graduation in 1986. He majored in finance and drama for California State University.

Morris Chestnut daughter

Morris started his acting career in 1990, with the role of Jason Woodman in an episode of the horror series ‘A Family Affair’. Besides, he appeared in a starring role of Ricky Baker in the teen drama ‘Boyz n the Hood’.

Morris played different lead roles in many television series and movies. From 2015 to 2017, he played the lead role of “Dr. Beaumont Rosewood Jr.” in the Fox drama ‘Rosewood’.

His role earned him an NAACP Image Award nomination for Outstanding Actor in a Drama series.

Morris Chestnut is married to Pam Chestnut. The couple together has a son named Grant Chestnut, and a daughter Paige Chestnut.

Morris Chestnut’s Daughter Paige Chestnut

Previously mentioned, Morris Chestnut’s daughter Paige Chestnut is an American model. She was born in 1998, a year after her elder brother was born. As being the youngest member, both the parent loves her much. With her parents support, she has embarked on a career in modeling.

The 19 years of Paige Chestnut started her modeling career in high mark with her tall and slim body which is ideal for modeling. Her dark skin and perfectly balanced face help her stand out from other models.

With her skills and reputation, Paige has already earned fame on a modeling career. She appears on runways in both commercials as well as printouts.

She has also walked on the ramp in LA Fashion Week.

Morris Chestnut’s daughter Paige walked on the ramp sporting designer clothes from the likes of Michael NGO and Marisa P. Clark.

Till now, she has walked on the ramps as well as many commercials as well as in printouts also.

She is an all-round model, who despite being in the early stages of her career, is making a lot of progress.

Paige is already giving us the taste of her modeling prowess via her Instagram account. She posts pictures of her modeling, showing us her perfect body and modeling skills. Going by her Instagram posts, it won’t take long for her to become a top-tier model.

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