Know About MLB Manager Terry Francona Ex-Wife Jacque Lang Who Is A Mother Of Four Kids

Born as Terrence Jon Francona and popularly known as Terry Francona is an American former professional baseball player. Besides, Terry Francona is also popular by his nickname, Tito. As of now, Francona serves as a manager of the Cleveland Indians of Major League Baseball. On October 6, 2012, the Cleveland Indian officially hired Terry Francona replacing Sandy Alomar Jr. Before serving as a manager for the Cleveland, he worked as a manager for the Boston Red Sox. Moreover, he has won two World Series Championships as a manager with the Boston Red Sox ending the franchise’s 86-year championship drought. In this article, we will be talking about Terry Francona’s ex-wife Jacque Lang.

The former MLB player, Terry Francona made his Major League Baseball debut on August 19, 1981, for the Montreal Expos. Besides, he has played nine seasons of baseball for different franchises including Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Indians, and Milwaukee Brewers. After retiring from his playing career, he started his managerial career with the Philadelphia Phillies in 1997. Moreover, Francona signed a four-year contract with the Phillies.  Furthermore, Francona has been named as an American League Manager of the Year two times in 2013 and 2016. Apart from being a manager, he started his career as a coach for Detroit Tigers, Texas Rangers, and Oakland Athletics. Without further delay, here are some interesting facts on Terry Francona’s ex-wife Jacque Lang.

Know About Terry Francona Personal Life and Relationship

Following Terry Francona’s personal life, the 62-year-old Cleveland manager is currently single. Besides, Terry was previously in a marital relationship with his ex-wife Jacque Lang. Furthermore, Terry Francona’s ex-wife Jacque Lang is a very private person. Moreover, Jacque Lang is popular for being a former wife of the MLB popular figure, Terry Francona. Besides, the former couple exchanged their wedding vows on January 9, 1982. Both Terry and Jacque have maintained their life away from the eyes of the public. Thus, it is not known when the due met each other before tying the knot.

Additionally, Terry and Jacque once share a happy marital life. However, their relationship came to end. The ex-couple decided to separate their way in 2011 and started living separately. After two years in April 2013, Terry Francona revealed that the pair were officially divorced. Before getting a divorce, they were married for more than 26 years. During their 26 years of togetherness, they welcomed four children. The pair welcomed a son named Nicholas Francona and three daughters named Alyssa Francona, Leah Francona, and Jamie Francona.

Who Is Terry Francona’s Ex-Wife Jacque Lang?

As mentioned earlier, Terry Francona’s wife Jacque Lang is a very private person. Although being the former wife of a popular baseball figure, she has chosen her life away from the limelight of media. Thus, there are very few details regarding Lang. Jacque Lang is popular for being an ex-wife of the Cleveland Indian manager. Terry and Jacque have both maintained their personal life in private. Moreover, Jacque Lang doesn’t have any social media profile.

The details regarding her work profession and currently living are kept secret. After a divorce from her former husband, she has rarely appeared on the media. Thus, we believe, Terry Francona’s ex-wife Jacque Lang has moved on after her divorce and enjoying peaceful life away from the eyes of the media.

Jacque Lang and Terry Francona Are Divorced

While playing for the Montreal Expos, Terry met his ex-wife Jacque Lang. Terry just made his Major League Baseball debut when he first met his ex-wife, Jacque. After dating briefly for a couple of months, they exchanged their wedding vows on January 9, 1982. The ex-pair completed their wedding ceremony in a private where only close friends and family members attended the ceremony.

Terry Francona ex-wife Jacque Lang
Terry Francona’s ex-wife Jacque Lang is a mother of four kids. Picture Source: Pinterest.

As the pair have maintained extreme privacy in their personal life, it is unclear how the duo meet each other. As the couple were enjoying their marital life, at one point they have to end their relationship. In October 2011, both Jacque and Terry have separated their way. The details regarding the separation of the pair not known. In August 2013, Jacque Lang’s ex-husband Terry Francona stated that the couple has already finalized their divorce. With their divorce in 2011, they ended their three-decades-long marital relationship. Although Terry and Jacque are divorce, they looking after their children. Besides, they seem to have a mutual understanding regarding their kids.

Jacque Lang Shares Four Kids from Terry Francona

As mentioned earlier, Terry Francona and Jacque Lang shared marital relationship for more than 26 years. While the ex-couple were together, they welcome four children, a son, and three daughters. Terry Francona’s ex-wife Jacque Lang gave birth to their first baby son named Nicholas Francona on July 11, 1985. After two years, they invited another member of their family. The pair welcomed their daughter named Alyssa Leanne Francona. The arrival of their third child, Leah Francona made their family size bigger. The pair welcomed their youngest child, Jamie Francona in 1995.

As of now, Terry and Jacque’s children are all grown up. Moreover, they are doing great in their respective field. Terry Francona’s son Nicholas played collegiate baseball. Apart from this, he also previously served in the US Marine Corps. As of now, he serves as a mentor at Veterati. Similarly, Jacque Lang’s eldest daughter, Alyssa played softball in college. Likewise, her daughter Leah also played softball at college. Furthermore, Lang’s youngest daughter Jamie played volleyball in high school. In addition to this, Jamie Francona married to Landon Miller in May 2021. Although Terry Francona’s ex-wife Jacque Lang is away from the reach of media, she must be proud to see her kids’ achievements.

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