Know About Skateboarder Terry Kennedy Wife Sarah Kennedy – Terry Arrested For Murdering Fellow Skateboarder

Born as Terry Kennedy and professionally known by the stage name TK is an American professional skateboarder. Besides, Terry Kennedy is also popular for his appearance on Bam Margera’s MTV show, Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory. Moreover, the professional skateboarder is also the co-founder of Fly Society, a clothing and music brand based in California. Apart from this, the 36-years-old skateboarder, Kennedy has also made a cameo appearance in Snoop Dogg’s hit song, Ghost Ride It. In this article, we will be discussing Terry Kennedy’s wife Sarah Kennedy.

The Long Beach, California origin, Terry has also appeared in numerous television shows including, ABC Family Show, Switched!. Moreover, Terry also appeared in the skateboarding video game, Skate and its sequel, Skate 2 and 3. The professional skateboarded is a well-known personality in the entertainment industry. In 2010, Terry made his appearance in the documentary Beef IV where he discussed a feud, he had with Lupe Fiasco. Similarly, on July 27, 2021, Terry was arrested for the brutal beating and murder of a fellow skateboarder Josiah Kassahun. Without further delay, here are some of the interesting facts on Terry Kennedy’s wife Sarah Kennedy.

Know About Terry Kennedy Personal Life and Relationship

Following on Terry Kennedy’s personal life, he is currently in a marital relationship with his wife Sarah Kennedy. Moreover, Terry Kennedy’s wife Sarah Kennedy is popular for being the wife of famous skateboarder, Terry Kennedy. Both Terry and Sarah have maintained their personal life in privacy. The details regarding their first meeting are still unknown. Similarly, the details regarding their marriage are also unknown to their followers.

According to the reports from TV Guide time, Terry and Sarah shared a child named Phyllis Rose Kennedy. Similarly, the couple has been married for a long period of time. Apart from this, Sarah Kennedy maintains a beautiful private life. She also stays away from the limelight of media. In addition to this, she does not have any social media accounts.

Terry Kennedy wife Sarah Kennedy
Terry Kennedy’s wife Sarah Kennedy is very secretive person. Picture Source: Pinterest.

Who Is Terry Kennedy Wife Sarah Kennedy?

As mentioned earlier, Terry Kennedy’s wife Sarah Kennedy is popularly known for being the wife of skateboarder, Terry Kennedy. Rather than this, the other information regarding Sarah is not available. Moreover, Terry Kennedy’s wife Sarah Kennedy has maintained a secretive life. Thus, only minimal information is an encounter on Sarah over the internet.

Apart from this, Sarah and Terry welcomed their daughter named Phyllis Rose Kennedy. As of now, Sarah has gone further seclusion following the Terry Kennedy murder case update.

Sarah Kennedy Husband Terry Kennedy Is Also an Actor

Apart from his skating career, Sarah Kennedy’s husband Terry Kennedy also endures his career in the entertainment industry. Moreover, she has appeared in the family television show, Switched! On ABC Family’s show. In addition to this, Terry has also appeared in the documentary, Beef IV where he detailly discusses a beef he had with Lupe Fiasco.

Likewise, he has appeared in many skate videos like Baker 2G, Baker 3, Summer Tour 2001, Ice Cream Vol.1, Bake and Destroy, and many more. Sarah Kennedy’s husband Terry additionally played a cameo role in Snoop Dogg’s top song, Ghost Ride It. Likewise, Sarah’s partner Terry was shot twice in 2005 while leaving a party in Long Beach. He took a gunshot in the forearm and the jaw.

Terry Kennedy arrested
Terry Kennedy arrested for brutally beating a fellow skateboarder, Josiah Kasshun. Picture Source: Pinterest.

Sarah Kennedy Husband Arrested for Murder of Fellow Skateboarder

On 27th July 2021, Sarah Kennedy’s husband Terry Kennedy arrested for brutally beating and eventually the death of a fellow skateboarder, Josiah Kassahun. Additionally, it is even confirm that he misbehaved with the cops during his capture. Although Josiah and Terry were close friends, it is unclear what prompt the fight between the two. According to several reports, Terry showed up in court with $100,00 in bail. Moreover, he could face manslaughter or murder charges after his brutal behavior leads to the death of Kassahun.

Amidst all the situation, Sarah Kennedy is keeping up with protection.

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