Tips for players of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

World of Warcraft can be complex and challenging to play, especially for beginners. Gamers enter the game world, which is filled with quests, enemies, and other players. The game has a wide range of abilities, spells, and talents. WoW also has a complex economy, with various resources, items, and currencies. These features can make WoW seem overwhelming and complicated, especially for new players.

The game offers tutorials and helpful tools to guide players but players prefer to turn to boosting companies that provide various services such as leveling or raid carry wow. These are legal services if you use the services of large boosting companies. World of Warcraft Dragonflight is not an exception. Here we will observe some tips that will help you in the game.

Basic information about leveling

The average leveling time for the first character is 5-7 hours if you complete only story quests. This includes breaks and the discovery of all dragon flight talents. Every player gets the first dragon about an hour after the beginning of pumping. The remaining three dragons are unlocked as the campaign progresses. You can change the character’s talents during leveling anywhere outside of combat.

It makes no sense to get level 70 as quickly as possible. Leveling is not easy after the final quest of the campaign, after which you will be able to start world tasks. It makes no sense to go to the dungeons when leveling the first character, as it will be a waste of time. You can only download the second character in dungeons, as he does not need to close the story quests to open the world and weekly tasks. If you do only story quests, then after opening world quests you will be approximately level 68-69. You can reach level 70 on the remaining additional quests.

World Quests in Dragonflight are updated every 3 days instead of every 12 hours as before. There is no point in trying to make them before the daily reset.

It is recommended to immediately take those professions that you are going to download at the maximum level. It makes no sense to take mining professions only for leveling since without specializations in professions you will collect only the cheapest reagents in small quantities, so it’s better not to be distracted by this. If you plan to level up the mining profession at level 70, then it makes sense to collect resources while leveling. Access to new professions is given immediately in the first camp, after the first quests. You will be directed to trainers of professions on assignment.

All dragon flying talents can be unlocked immediately after getting the first dragon mount, or you can do it after reaching level 70. If you are leveling for the first time or want to mine ore or herb while leveling, it is better to get dragon glyphs to unlock talents right away.

It is more effective to swing in a team than alone, as you will be able to complete tasks much faster. In this case, you can turn on War Mode for an additional 10% experience. If you are rocking alone, then you should not turn on the War Mode, as you will lose more time on this. Now you can complete quests simultaneously with representatives of the opposite faction, that is, you do not have to wait for mobs to respawn if a player from another faction has already started to beat them.

If you are wearing an item level 300+, you won’t change gear until the final quests at level 68+. Equipment from quests can drop to an additional item level. From the first quests, they give equipment 230 lvl, and this value gradually grows up to 310 by the end of pumping.

Collecting Dragon Glyphs

To unlock dragon-flying talents, you need to collect special glyphs that are scattered throughout the Dragon Isles. You will collect the very first glyph during the introductory quests teaching dragon flying. After that, you can both continue leveling and collect all the necessary glyphs for the full leveling of talents. Collecting all glyphs takes approximately 20-25 minutes. For the easy collection of glyphs, it is recommended to install the following addons:

  • Handynotes – it is the main addon required for the modules to function.
  • Handynotes Dragon Glyphs – it displays uncollected dragon glyphs on the map.
  • Handynotes Dragonflight – it shows spawn locations, various secrets, and more.
  • Handynotes Valdrakken – it details the map of the expansion’s new capital, Valdrakken, and adds a display of an auction, bank, vendors, profession trainers, and so on.

After installing Handynotes and Handynotes Dragon Glyphs, you will see glyphs displayed on the map and minimap. Immediately after receiving the dragon, do not rush to take off on it – there will be a quest dragon transport on the platform nearby, which will take you to the top of the tower, from where it will be much more convenient to start flying for glyphs.

What to do at level 70?

  • Complete secondary quests for reputation and experience, and then complete world missions for equipment, but after reaching level 70.
  • Item level 359 equipment can be obtained in Heroic Dungeons.
  • With the help of enhancing reagents, such as Titan Training Matrix IV, you can increase the level of blue crafting equipment to 372-382 ilvl, which corresponds to Mythic + 0 loot.

After passing all Mythic + 0 it is worth finishing off the missing slots with such a craft. It will cost quite cheaply, as it is available to almost all crafters without exception and does not require specialization.

Dragonflight doesn’t have any required non-raid and Mythic+ activities like Dragon Torghast. The only thing that is recommended to do is quests for professions, as well as weekly tasks that will give gold and reputation. You will definitely enjoy the game and our tips will come in handy. Use these tips to level up your game and you’ll love Dragonflight so much that you’ll understand why it has such a high rating on IMDb.

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