Top Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms

Crypto exchange is a service where traders and investors conduct transactions with digital assets with the purpose of money making. There are different types of crypto platforms, and the most common of them are the following:

  • Centralized exchanges (CEX) – official platforms that have a central regulatory body to keep track of transactions and ensure their safety.
  • Decentralized platforms (DEX) – fast and direct crypto transfers between users, while DEX is not guaranteeing safety.
  • Simple exchange – small Internet services with a limited list of features.

We recommend to buy and selling cryptocurrency on centralized platforms because they are convenient and reliable, with transparent conditions and a wide variety of traded assets. Here are the most common platforms:

  • WhiteBIT
  • FTX
  • Binance
  • Coinbase
  • Okex

We’ll will take a closer look at some of these top crypto trading platforms.


A reliable exchange allows users to buy crypto safely using fiat currencies. For that purpose, a client has to register an account and verify it, then add a bank card and move the needed amount of funds to the account. WhiteBIT supports some popular traditional currencies, such as euros, dollars, pounds, etc. The platform provides robust security for clients and their funds. There are over 400 crypto pairs available for trading. The exchange allows for futures trading, margin, leverage, spot market, staking, etc. The internal token WBT facilitates transactions within the exchange and provides discounts on trading fees.


Futures trading is one of the main features of this exchange. The platform supports forex, stocks, leverage, etc. Unlike WhiteBIT, this platform is not suitable for beginner traders. The platform provides only a limited number of features for the USA market due to regulators’ restrictions. 


This is the most popular crypto exchange in the world, where many people buy crypto daily. Binance supports the most extensive list of digital assets to trade and fiat currencies. Beginner users may face difficulties working with Binance for the first time because of its complex interface and numerous features. However, you can take advantage of Binance’s education sector, where you can learn how to use all the tools.

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