5 Top Cryptos to Buy @ 50% Discounted Rates Now

Whenever we hear about discounts, we just get carried away and start buying them. Did you know that you can even buy cryptocurrency at a discounted price on bitqh? Yes, just like any other stock market, even the crypto market has seen the negative side of it. In recent times, the prices of many cryptocurrencies have fallen drastically. The prices have dipped very badly and there are many reasons for it.

Some fell so badly that the prices have come down to 50 percent of their actual price. There was a time when the market valuation was just 1.3 trillion, whereas it was 3.1 trillion. But after a few months, the crypto market has recovered and it was able to reach 2 trillion in just no time.

People who have invested for the long-term have seen much more dips than this. So, whenever the price of any cryptocurrency falls drastically, then take it as an opportunity to invest. For long-term investments, buying when the price falls can be a great option. That simply means you are buying the cryptocurrency at a discounted price.

If you are looking for some of the best cryptos to buy @ 50 percent discounted rates, then here we have discussed five of them. Check out their details and start investing in them now:


Let us start the list with one of the best and second most popular cryptocurrencies. After Bitcoin, Ethereum is the only cryptocurrency that has so many investors. For long-term investments, this coin is considered to be a great choice. The Ethereum network is very popular and more than 2900 applications run on it. Since the launch of this coin, it has reached a price that is 30000 percent higher than the launch price. That means this is a coin to buy when the price falls.


Another cryptocurrency that you can buy at a discounted price is Solana. It is more popular as a competitor for Ethereum. Based on the market cap, this cryptocurrency stands in 8th place. This crypto is enabled with proof-of-stake and smart contracts, and the offers you a cost advantage and faster transactions. This network can process 50,000 transactions in a second. So, this is a must-have coin if the price is falling down.


Polkadot is one of the new cryptocurrencies in the present crypto market. Launched in the year 2020, this cryptocurrency has gained a lot of popularity. The price of this coin was increased by 278 percent in just a short time. But it did fall again. The updated Ethereum 2.0 was the main reason for the fall in its price, but will again gain back its glory and so it is another great option for you to make money.


In terms of market cap, Litecoin is in the 20th place. But this is one of the oldest coins in the crypto market. There are times when the price has reached even $371, but again the value of this coin came down. That means the price hike was almost 500 percent since its launch. The current price of this coin is around $103 and so you will be able to make good profits if you but now at a discounted price.


The last cryptocurrency that you can buy at a 50 percent discount is Cardano. This is also another Ethereum killer and even in terms of market capitalization, the price of this coin crossed Solana. At a point, the price of Cardano has dropped by even 60 percent but that does not mean it will fall further. For the long-term investors, Cardano is going to be an advantage. A new economy can be created with Cardano when invested at the right time.

So, these were some of the best coins whose value is down at present. But they will rise again to their all-time high prices or even more. Long-term investors can buy them even when the market is down or it is expected to go down even further. Check out the right coins when you are investing during a dip. Not all coins raise after a dip. You need to be very careful about it and then start your investments. All the five coins listed above are great options for long-term investments.

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