Top 5 Travel Destinations Where Bitcoins are Accepted

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Traveling to new destinations gives us a sense of freedom and an amazing new experience. Every year people around the world spend billions to travel to their favorite destinations and enjoy their vacation there. People spend on food, stay, entertainment, travel, etc. For each such transaction, they use paper currency, but what if we told you, you could use cryptocurrencies to pay all your bills!! Sounds fantastic, right? That would be dream come true for some who love trading cryptocurrencies like bitcoins. This detailed article will inform you about the world’s top five famous travel destinations where you can spend bitcoins to your heart’s content. So, keep on reading to know more. 


Amsterdam is considered one of the most lovely tourist destinations where the fun never ends. You get to visit historic museums and witness the 16th-century old buildings. You can spend time with your significant other by cycling through the boulevards. Moreover, you can also enjoy boating in the ancient canals of the city. Vondel Park is famous for picnics and a great place for relaxing with family. And the best part about Amsterdam is that you can do all that stuff using bitcoins! Yes, you can use bitcoins to pay for luxurious lunch at a five-star hotel, you can use the bitcoin ATM at Amsterdam to withdraw cash, you can even pay for simple movie tickets using Bitcoins. The reason behind so much freedom with bitcoins is Bitfury and BitPay. Bitfury is the world-famous mining hardware whereas BitPay has its European headquarters company in Amsterdam. 


When thinking about visiting Canada, Vancouver is one of the travel destinations that comes to our mind. Vancouver is considered blessed by mother nature. The city is clean and covered with green. You can enjoy the fresh atmosphere and gain all the health back that you lose in a populated and polluted city. Besides having natural beauty the city also offers other sites that are unforgettable. For example, Granville Island, Gastown, Chinatown, and Stanley Park. Moreover, Vancouver is also a very bitcoin-friendly country. In this bitcoin era, Vancouver has maintained its pace with changing times and established itself as one of the best travel destinations where you can use bitcoins to pay for all your expenses. Vancouver is known as the bitcoin capital of Canada. 


London is the place where everyone wants to visit once. The home to the British Queen and hundreds of decade-old architectural miracles. You can visit these monuments, have the famous British breakfast, sip some of the world’s best tea, and do other exciting activities using bitcoins. London is very open to bitcoin users. London currently operates 50 bitcoin ATMs and more than 60 bitcoin merchants.  


Salvador is the capital city of Bahia which is famous for being the very first colonial settlement in the world. The word Salvador means, “Holy Savior of the Bay of All Saints.” The city is famous for its amazing sunny beaches. Furthermore, Salvador is also famous for being bitcoin-friendly. Tourists and Brazilians openly trade goods and services in bitcoins. This small city has been named the “Bitcoin Beach.”

San Francisco

San Francisco is the technology capital of the US and since bitcoin is a digital currency the residents there quickly adapted to it. Moreover, San Francisco homes two giant cryptocurrency trading platforms Coinbase and Kraken. You can experience the amazing bitcoin transaction experience with 100+ bitcoin merchants in San Francisco. Moreover, you can easily withdraw cash from bitcoin ATMs in San Francisco thanks to almost 500 bitcoins ATMs in the city. You can use bitcoins to book hotels, travel, eat fancy food, and avail of premium services. 


People are accepting cryptocurrencies like bitcoins at a rapid rate. Nowadays we witness more and more countries accepting cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoins every year. That is why there are more and more travel destinations that are accepting crypto for trading goods and services. It is high time for those who haven’t started trading in bitcoin to start doing so. If you are also one of them then we recommend checking out this trusted auto trading app . Start investing and enjoy its benefits today!

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