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Top Four Best GameCube ISOS Games In 2021

Top Four Best GameCube ISOS Games In 2021

GameCube ISOS may not be having many games, but it never disappoints in quality, becoming one of the best playing hosts of all time. It doesn’t matter how old the console is, but you will agree that this offers the best experience in gaming to everyone. GameCube ISOS comes complete with a fashionable handle and miniature discs – held on its own with a unique and eclectic catalog of first and third-party titles. 

Well, if you’ve never heard of GameCube, don’t panic because we will be showing you four of the best GameCube ISOS games you need to play, even if you do not have any experience. For the question, ‘what is GameCube ISOS?’, it is a gaming console similar to the Xbox and others sought. Now, let’s get to some exciting stuff; the top 4 games on GameCube ISOS.

F-Zero GX

F-Zero GX is ultimately a game about speed which gives the player an illusion that they are driving at a very high speed, say like 170mph, and in this case, we’re talking about hovercrafts or flying cars. It goes from less challenging to utterly almost impossible difficulty as you progress through the levels. 

With one mistake in a race, it takes only a few seconds to see the other racers fly past you, and it becomes difficult to catch up to the speed they are moving in. The game becomes very thrilling and entertaining as the player tries to win a race in such a case. Winning a race in this game becomes a significant achievement and a source of pride.

Soulcalibur II

Soulcalibur II is a 3D fighting game that is very beautiful and addictive. You could never imagine that a fighting game could be as addictive as this game here. This solely proves the fact that the GameCube ISOS is among the top consoles that a player should have in their possession.

 It assumes a single-player mode which makes it worth having. The characters in this game are pretty impressive, and the skill set for each of these characters is impeccable. Soulcalibur II elevated the GameCube ISOS edition above the other editions in the market.

Star Wars Rogue Leader

If you are a fan of the famous film Star Wars and a big fan of gaming, this is the game for you. Blowing things up using high-tech and futuristic fighters and jets is the coolest thing anyone could ever do in a video game. Fights in the Star Wars Rogue Leader are very fast and addictive, as well as the mission objectives in the match are an environment that looks marvelous and attractive.

This was the first game that showed what the GameCube ISOS lunchbox in the Nintendo was capable of bringing out beautiful scenery visuals to match the massive fire action in the game.

Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia is an iconic video game franchise that is classic. This game transforms the old Prince of Persia: Sands of Time into a new classic high-level match. The previous version focused more on the acrobatics and agility of the characters, but feats were not brought out in the new game version. With the introduction of the GameCube ISOS, the developers then created this new version of the old video game to suit the greatness of GameCube. 

It gives you the chance to assume the character of a prince who can walk across walls, jump in leaps across terrains, and many other abilities. If you fall into a pit in any case, the game offers you the option to reverse your actions and try again, which comes as a beautiful addition for slow players. The game brings the prince into the present, thereby exposing this timeless series to a new generation.


The best of the GameCube ISOS games feature some of the greatest works of all time and host fantastic third-party titles. GameCube’s enigmatic fourth home console represents the beginning of GameCube ISOS tinkering with the quirky and delivers some of the purest gaming experiences of all time to users worldwide. 

Why would you not get yourself an emulator with the GameCube ISOS and enjoy the experience alongside other players in the world?

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