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4 Best Practices to Protect Your Employees from Injuries

4 Best Practices to Protect Your Employees from Injuries

Ensuring your employees are safe at work is of paramount importance. Although certain injuries are inevitable, you can still introduce some preventative measures to minimize risks. As an employer, you will want to demonstrate that you have done everything possible to protect your staff. Failing to implement appropriate health and safety procedures cannot only hinder your ability to defend a claim but may also impact the success and credibility of your business. Below you will find some practical strategies that all employers plan for a safer work environment.

Identify Safety Vulnerabilities

Every business is different, and because of that, there will be unique safety challenges to consider. The first step you can take is to review any injuries that have taken place at your workplace in the past. This will be an excellent strategy to help you recognize patterns in recurring accidents. Use this handy calculator to find out the incidence rate at your establishment. Next, write down precautions you can take to avoid these injuries in the future. It may be a good idea to walk around your workplace and identify potential hazards and their level of risk. Then, you can set up a timescale to set up measures and revise their suitability. 

Ensure You Have the Right Workers’ Compensation Policy

Employers are required to cover employees through workers’ compensation in California. This ensures employees can receive benefits in the event of a workplace injury or accident. Therefore, it is vital to comply with the law and deliver essential information to every team member. You can obtain workers’ compensation in California at The Hartford to provide valuable protection to your business and staff. In addition, there will be support available with filing claims and understanding settlement types. As a result, you will be able to avoid the cost of medical expenses and lost wages in unforeseen circumstances. 

Maintain an Orderly Workplace

It is often easy for workplaces to become messy and disordered. However, this is not an aspect that you can overlook. Poor housekeeping can pose severe health and safety hazards. Ensure that the workplace layout includes clear footpath markings and stations to clean up spills. Remember to maintain a clean and organized environment that is free of debris and clutter. It might be useful to create a housekeeping checklist that you and your team can follow. This will ensure you do not miss anything important throughout the workday. 

Perform Safety Drills

Safety and evacuation drills should be conducted regularly. Make sure that your employees understand the best practices to avoid injuries in the case of an emergency. You should provide ongoing training to keep this information fresh in their minds. When you hire new employees, remember to introduce them to your workplace’s health and safety procedures. For example, fire evacuation drills are often considered to be simple. However, it is necessary to prepare a detailed plan that every employee can follow. Check out this guide to conduct a successful fire drill at your workplace and guarantee the safety of your team.

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