Top Four Popular Writers Of The Last Decade To Write About In An Essay

The majority of us are enamored of reading books. We tend to read everywhere. We share our impressions about the book we read with others. But we often miss the writers, without whom no book would have appeared. There are many outstanding authors out there about whom people haven’t heard. And it would be reasonable to point out the most popular and talented writers of the last decade to write about in an essay. This article will display the best writers of the 21st century and highlight works that helped them gain overnight success.

Erin Morgenstern

Erin Morgenstern is an American diverse artist and author. Born and raised in Marshfield, Massachusetts, she was determined from the very beginning that she wanted to be involved in art. Erin graduated from Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, in 2000. She has been involved in art and theatre since then. She published her first novel in 2010. And even though it hasn’t helped her hit the jackpot, Erin kept working hard. One year later, she became a widely known writer. 

Her most famous novel, called The Night Circus, got an immediate response from critics and readers. The story is about a circus that visits towns without warnings and announcements. However, there is a reason for that. Despite its simple decorations, the circus is full of breathtaking elements. And only those who purchase tickets and come to visit a performance will understand why it is incredible. 

Weike Wang

Want is an American author of Chinese descent. Weike has always searched for knowledge. That is why her best novel resonated with her intentions to do a Ph.D. Wang was born in China, but her life has experienced lots of travels once she turned 5. Her parents moved from one country to another, shifting from Canada and Australia and ultimately settling in the United States. It took them six years to reach their destiny and put down roots. Although she used to have a complicated childhood (she was the only Asian girl in the town), Wang graduated from high school and enrolled in Harvard to do a Chemistry degree. Unlike today, she couldn’t buy essay online, and she had to study and burn the midnight oil. But her hard work paid off, and she obtained her desired degree.

Moreover, she undertook another course and obtained a Master Of Fine Arts. Wang is a brilliant new literary voice that is changing contemporary literature. Her work is about a perfect life she used to imagine and play over and over in her head when she was young. Ph.D., proud parents, academic career are only a drop in the ocean of what she writes about.

Rebecca Makkai

Rebecca Makkai is another excellent and awe-inspiring writer of the last decade. She was born on April 20, 1978. Having grown up in Lake Bluff, Illinois, she always knew what she wanted to become. Rebecca was raised in a family of teachers and linguists. She graduated from Lake Forest Academy and entered Washington and Lee University, where she earned her Bachelor’s in English. After a short break, Rebecca continued her studies at Middlebury College. She obtained an M.A. degree in Bread Loaf School of English. Rebecca is very dedicated to her home city. Even though she is a well-established author and artist, having lots of contracts, she lives in Lake Forest, Illinois, with a husband and two children. 

When it comes to her professional career, Rebecca released her debut novel in 2011. It was called a Borrower, and it received high scores among critics and readers. Even Chicago Magazine graded it as one of the best choices for best fiction of 2011. However, her most notable work remains The Great Believers that she wrote and published in 2018. It’s an evocative novel about friendship and redemption in the face of tragedy and loss set in 1980s Chicago and present Paris.

Emily St. John Mandel

Every list of the best writers must contain somebody from Canada. Canada has shown a rapid surge of successful authors starting from modernism. Emily St. John is not only a famous writer known in Canada but worldwide. She has produced plenty of essays and novels. She was born in Merville, British Columbia, Canada. Her father was American. Her parents preferred home-schooled education and continued to teach Emily at home until the age of 15. When Emily was 18, she moved to Toronto to enter The School of Toronto Dance Theatre. Finally, Emily moved to New York City, and that’s when her writing career took off. 

Her most famous novel, Station Eleven, is a national bestseller. A novel touches on topics familiar to everyone, especially during these days. It is a post-apocalyptic novel set in the near future in a world influenced by a virus. It tells a story of a Hollywood star, his liberator, and a nomadic group of actors moving without any destination and risking for art and humanity. 

The mentioned list can be limitless, as there are mountains of ambitious writers and artists. If you want to learn more about literature and other topics in the spotlight, make sure to bookmark this website and follow it daily.

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