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Here Are Top Fighting Games for PC

Here Are Top Fighting Games for PC

Every year, dozens of new games with multiple upgrades are launched, making it difficult for gamers to make the right choice. Regardless of how the players react, game developers never stop creating newer and better gems. Succeeding consoles such as the Xbox series X have undoubtedly improved the gaming experience, but PC games have not been neglected. We have compiled a list of a few fighting PC games that you may still play and enjoy today.

These games can be played online with multiplayer with your friends and fellow online gamers, but when playing online, must have the finest internet service provider like Xtream. It is reliable with affordable packages. You can contact Xtream Internet phone number to get the perfect internet plan for the ultimate gaming experience. Below mentioned are the top fighting games for PC, which you must play. Read on to know. 


Thanks to its great fighting mechanics and seamless gameplay, Tekken has been the top fighting game since its release in 1994. It is regarded as the first combat game that uses 3D animation. The gameplay is hand-to-hand combat, such as throwing, blocking, and kicking. From 1994 to 2017, it released nine different games, and the plot has been adapted into three feature films as well. 

Because of the amazing story and the various characters that can be played, the Tekken service is widely well-received and commercially profitable. The Tekken series has really elevated the level of fighting games.

Mortal Kombat 11

Mortal Kombat is another fighting game series that needs no introduction due to its huge success in the 1990s. The game got famous due to its awe-inspiring plot and real-life blood and violence that at the time were not seen in video games. The main plot is set in a world with eight different realms, which Elder Gods designed. It is said that the Elder Gods give the order that the inhabitants of one kingdom can only take on another by destroying and defending the greatest warriors of the realm in the ten-day Mortal Kombat Tournament. 

Similar to its other segments, the Mortal Kombat 11 does not slow down and reaches new violent heights. The Krypt make a solid return in the series, and the combat is still organized and clean. You still get to shoot projectiles and land hard-hitting punches. You will find lots of new puzzles that you can solve and items that unlock new areas. It is quite a grind.

Guilty Gear Strive

Guilty Gears Strive is the seventh episode in the Guilty Gears series. If you are a fan of anime, you will definitely be awed by this game. It has an anime-based fighting animation. 

The story mode features the majority of all the characters from episodes, and there are fifteen players to choose from. Characters are also equipped with special moves known as Command moves. In addition to the plot and the action, Guilty Gears Strive may be among the best of the series since it is simple for beginners to learn. Furthermore, Guilty Gear Strive has a refined combat presentation and fully vocalized stage music for every character.


If you watch wrestling, you might be in for a big surprise. This WWE game is based on World Wrestling Entertainment. The shocking part is the gameplay is weirdly similar to the show.

Moreover, you can pick your favorite wrestler (old and new) and the wrestling mode. The players do not have a red health bar like every other fighting game. Instead, they are equipped with the HUB measurement meter. There are four methods to win in every match: pinfall, submission, knockout, or count-out. WWE generally has two series: the WrestleMania series along with the SmackDown series. 

Killer Instinct

It is a one-on-one combat game with unique, automatically generated combos. Killer Instinct has a combo-heavy engine that professionals and novices can use.

It’s like an amalgamation of Street Fighting and Mortal Kombat. The game features finishing moves like mortal combat fatalities. Each player is given two moves; if you are able to master them, you will effortlessly win a fight. The players can also break combinations. It has rich graphics and awe-inspiring particle effects. It can work smoothly in 60 FPS-90 FPS. The Killer Instinct comes as part of the Microsoft Play Anywhere initiative. If you purchase Killer Instinct through Microsoft Store, you will also be able to play the game on the Xbox One at no additional cost.

Street Fighter

A true classic, which put the fighting gaming style on the map. We all remember Ryu and Ken and the smacks of Chun-Li and bowling body Blanka.

Street Fighter V is more intense compared to others in the series. Every unique move you perform is designed neatly and has much more graphic detail. If you are a fan of this gaming series, you will definitely love Street Fighter V.  


Hopefully, now you can easily decide on which game you want to download and play on your PC. All of the above-listed game has something special to offer from veteran game lovers to newcomers. Get wild and enjoy!

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