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Top Three Popular Television Series For College Students Watch in 2021

Top Three Popular Television Series For College Students Watch in 2021

Watching TV series remains one of the most common hobbies for millions of students. It might help you relax, forget about all your worries, and follow the storyline of the main heroes who have lots in common with you and your friends. But what is the best option to watch in your free time? Discover the list of the best TV series for students you can start watching right now.

Before You Start 

There is nothing new that watching TV series is incredibly exciting and time-consuming. You might suddenly find yourself sticking to the screen for hours. But what about your college academic assignments? Preparing presentations, writing essays, and doing research are the inevitable parts of any educational process. How can you cope with all of them fast enough to have an opportunity to watch your favorite TV series? 

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Top TV Series For College Students 

The number of TV series about college and school life is overwhelming. Therefore, it is often difficult to pick up something interesting. Below you will find the list of the most popular TV series among students. Pick up any according to your needs and preferences. 

How To Get Away With Murder 

This is not a common series about cute college girls, parties, and having fun, but an extremely provocative movie series with an intriguing plot. If you would like to start watching a series that will make you feel excited from the first minutes, this one might be a perfect solution. Moreover, you will find many interesting facts if you study law or fond of jurisprudence. 

This series is about a group of students, where some guys are involved with the murder. The other part of the group is trying to solve the crime. All learners are focused on completing a difficult law course and are doing their best to come up with brilliant results and impress their professor. 

‘How to get away wit murder’ cast in the award show. Picture Source: FairUse.

“How to get away with murder” stands out from the crowd of dozens of other TV series for students. It makes its viewers think, analyze, compare the facts, and try to solve different puzzles along with the main heroes. 

Bad Neighbors 

Are you tired of noisy neighbors? Fail to cope with your academic assignments because of the students next door being too loud and messy? Stop feeling desperate – the situation might be even worse! 

“Bad Neighbors” is a pop TV series that is still attracting thousands of viewers because of its brilliant plot, talented actors, and true-to-life stories. The main scene takes place in a common city, where a group of noisy students becomes the new neighbors of a couple with a newborn child. They soon become true enemies, where each one is trying to get rid of the neighbor. This TV series is a hilarious comedy with plenty of funny moments and a top-notch plot. How will a couple stop parties and chaos in their neighborhood? It’s time to find out.

Horrible Stories 

If you don’t want to watch movies about college parties and school relationships, this TV series is right what you might need. It is an educational program that unveils dozens of secrets in European history. No, it’s not a boring documentary but a set of funny stories that will make you enjoy diving into the most astonishing facts in history. 

Horrible Stories television series casts on the photoshoot. Picture Source: Pinterest.

The TV series covers different periods, dynasties, and events in world history. You will discover amazing facts about Vikings, Tudors, knights, and queens, as well as the most remarkable warriors and conquerors. It is worth mentioning that the “Horrible Stories” is not focused only on students who learn history; it has a wide audience. Therefore, the chances are that you will like it, too. 

By the way, the host of this amazing TV series is a talking rat. However, don’t judge “Horrible Stories” by this fact only. It is not designed for kids but will be incredibly interesting for teens and grown-ups. To put it short, this series will educate you in a pleasant and entertaining way. 

There are tons of other TV series about college and university students you may find online. You can choose any according to your interests, read the reviews of other viewers, and have fun watching the best alternative. 

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