Home News Promoting your charity raffle: The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing

Promoting your charity raffle: The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing

Promoting your charity raffle: The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing

Hosting a charity raffle can be backbreaking work. You must ensure you’re ticking all the right boxes and promoting it the right way to garner the much-needed attention to raise funds for your charity. In this blog, you’ll learn how to use social media to your advantage and run a successful charity raffle.

Promoting a charity can be time-consuming if you’re not using the right tools to market it. But it doesn’t have to be that way, thanks to the power and outreach of social media. Ever since the dawn of the internet, social media has become the go-to “hang out” place for billions of people around the world. That meant one thing — marketers shifted gears from conventional places like TV to digital channels like Facebook.

Therefore, the best way to promote your charity raffle is through social media. But that’s not exactly a walk in the park either. You need to have the right social media marketing strategy and a little bit of technical know-how about how social media platforms function. Here’s what you need to host a successful charity raffle.

Create your channels

Before you start promoting your charity raffle on social media, you must have accounts or pages on each platform. Should you join all of them? The short answer is no — only focus on social media where you think your target audience is hanging out the most. Facebook and Instagram are the most widely-used social media platforms, so promoting your raffle there is the best way to get as many eyeballs as possible.

Once you’ve set up your channels, it’s time to start posting content that adds value to your audience. This will get their attention and drive traffic to your page. The better your content the more eyes you’ll attract. Once the traffic starts rolling in, you should put up posters and flyers advertising your charity raffle. Use dynamic and colorful Instagram templates to catch the viewers’ attention and convey your message in a single glance.

Content is everything

As discussed earlier, content is key to attracting organic traffic. But many people make the mistake of posting content that adds zero value to their audience. That’s something you need to steer clear of because it’ll only drive people away. Instead, your content should add some tangible value to the audience. 

For instance, if you’re a charity organization, you could write a detailed blog post on how you use charity money for your noble cause and what impact your fundraisers have made to improve others’ lives. Remember to magnify the impact of those who have given you charity and thank them for their generosity.

Apart from that, you should create a content calendar so that you have a pre-planned schedule on what you need to post and when. This really helps in being consistent with your post. Why is that important? Because people like channels that produce content regularly. We advise you to post 3 to 5 times a week. Staying idle for even a week would put you at a disadvantage!

Create a high-conversion landing page

A landing page is a page on your website where the visitor lands, and its basic purpose is to make conversions. When you’re running a charity raffle, post the link to your landing page in your social media posts. The goal of your landing page should be to convince every visitor to take part in your raffle. That’s extremely difficult to do because you’re essentially asking someone to give out their money for free and for no returned benefit.

Therefore, the only way you can get people to participate is by magnifying your past charity projects and the impact they have had on society and citizens of the world. But don’t just state numbers, have evidence to substantiate your claims — a report from the UN or the World Bank would do wonders for you.

Another incentive why anyone would want to participate in a charity raffle is to win a big prize. In that case, you must offer a relatively large sum of the prize money to the lucky winner. This way, anyone who takes part in the raffle has a chance to win the prize, and if they don’t, they can walk away satisfied that the small amount of money they lent is now being used for the betterment of human lives.

Run paid ads

Have you seen an ad about the UN’s World Food Programme on Facebook and Instagram? Quite possibly, yes. Imagine how many people are taking part in that charity program just because of an ad. That’s the power of running ads on social media. Apart from this, search engine optimization is also special part in marketing. SEO expert in Nepal, can help you gain organic traffic to your website.

Every social media platform analyzes its users’ search history to understand their interests better. It then targets each ad to its respective user base so that the product or service or raffle is shown to people who are most likely to make a purchase or participate in the raffle.

While you can run a paid ad in a matter of a few clicks, it’s important to craft the perfect ad for your charity raffle. Keep it short and sweet, but also in a way that conveys your message in a glimpse. Don’t forget to include the registration link in the caption of the ad!

A final piece of advice

Promoting a charity raffle isn’t easy, but marketing it on social media is your best chance if you pull all the right plugs and press all the right buttons. While the above strategies work like a charm, keep in mind that there’s no universal formula that would work for every charity event.

The bottom line is that you’ll need to try out different social media strategies and couple them with other methods such as email marketing to understand what works best for you. For instance, if you think you’re running out of content to post, why not try to pair up with a social media influencer so that they can promote your charity event in their videos? Track the results of each strategy and work your way up to get to the perfect marketing mix for your agency.

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