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Know About Entrepreneur Vlad Tenev Wife Celina Tenev Who Is Also An Entrepreneur

Know About Entrepreneur Vlad Tenev Wife Celina Tenev Who Is Also An Entrepreneur

Born as Vladimir Tenev and professionally known by the name Vlad Tenev is a Bulgarian-American billionaire entrepreneur. Apart from this, Vlad is also a co-founder and CEO of Robinhood, a US-based financial services company. The 35-year old entrepreneur holds both American and Bulgarian nationality. With his fellow friend, Baiju Bhatt, they started a high-frequency trading company named Celeris in 2010. Later, they abandoned their company and started working to create a low-latency software, Chronos Research. In this article, we will be discussing Vlad Tenev’s wife Celina Tenev.

The Varna origin, Vlad Tenev alongside his business partner Baiju Bhatt was enlisted in Forbes 30 Under 30’s finance category in 2012. Moreover, Vlad completed his high school at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. Likewise, he also earned a degree in mathematics from Stanford University. Later, he also studied for a mathematics Ph.D. at UCLA but dropped out to focus on his entrepreneurial career. With his business partner, Vlad and Bhatt founded a trading platform named Robinhood in 2013. The company evaluated in 2018 was $6 billion. Without much delay, here are some interesting facts about Vlad Tenev’s wife Celina Tenev.

Know About Vlad Tenev Personal Life and Relationship

Although the young entrepreneur has gained immense media personality, he has maintained his personal life away from the limelight of media. Following on Vlad Tenev’s personal life, he is currently in a marital relationship with his beautiful wife, Celina Tenev. Furthermore, Vlad Tenev’s wife Celina Tenev is also an entrepreneur. Moreover, Celina co-founded a start-up company, Call 9 that offers an emergency service with a video visit to nursing houses. The details regarding their first meeting are not yet revealed.

Moreover, Vlad Tenev’s wife Celina Tenev is also a graduate of Stanford University. Thus, we can assume that the couple met each other and started dating during his college days. Although being a high-profile person in the finance sector, Vlad is a very secretive person. The details regarding their marriage are not revealed yet. In addition to this, Vlad and Celina are a parent of their daughter Nora Tenev. The couple welcomed their baby daughter named Nora in 2017. Similarly, Vlad mentioned about his daughter during an interview in 2018.

Vlad Tenev shares a daughter named Nora Tenev from his beloved wife Celina Tenev. Picture Source: Pinterest.

Who Is Vlad Tenev Wife Celina Tenev?

As mentioned earlier, Vlad Tenev’s wife Celina Tenev is popular for being the wife of a billionaire, Vlad Tenev. Moreover, Celina Tenev is also an entrepreneur. Besides, she also attended Stanford University. While his husband earns his degree in mathematics, Celina studied medicine as a postdoctoral. Moreover, she did her research in tumor imaging (MRI) at the Department of Radiology.

Vlad Tenev Wife Celina Tenev Is Also An Entrepreneur

As mentioned earlier, Vlad Tenev’s wife Celina Tenev is also an entrepreneur. Unlike his husband, Celina Tenev is also a co-founder of the start-up company, Call 9. Moreover, she started her company in 2015 which solely focuses to offer an emergency care service through video visits to nursing houses. She collaborated with her fellow colleague Timothy Peck. While Celina studied medicine, Timothy functioned as an emergency medicine specialist at Harvard Medical School.

Moreover, Celina’s project Call 9 became a huge success in the medical field providing a raping nursing home service for trivial cases. According to Timothy, an enormous level of hospitalizations that come from nursing homes are avoidable. So, to assist with diminishing hospitalizations, Peck and Tenev began their organization which filled in as an interface in these situations. However, their project shut down its operation after a couple of years. As indicated by CNBC, the organization has ventured $34 million additional investment and struggled to operate a high-cost health care facility. Moreover, Celina and her partner Timothy kept on working a part of the business Call 9 Medical.

Vlad and Celina Is A Proud Parent of Their Daughter

Celina Tenev and Vlad Tenev have been married for a long time. The pair may have started dating while they were in high school. While we know enough details regarding their educational background, both Vlad and Celina have maintained their personal life in privacy.

Vlad Tenev’s wife Celina Tenev is also an entrepreneur and has once open start up company, Call 9. Picture Source: Pinterest.

Nonetheless, in an interview with Entrepreneur in 2018, Tenev revealed that his wife is his greatest supporter and even offered the guidance to pick an extraordinary accomplice both in life and business. Similarly, Vlad also announced about her daughter in a live interview. The couple shares a daughter named Nora Tenev in 2017 from their relationship. However, he has not mentioned detailed information regarding her daughter. Additionally, he also said that he loves spending time with his family in the early morning which keeps him energized throughout the day.

Celina Tenev Also Attends Public Events Alongside His Husband

As an extremely rich person and a notable entrepreneur, Vlad attends different public events regarding in business field. Moreover, Vlad Tenev’s wife Celina Tenev also accompanies her husband during a public event. Both Vlad and Celina attended the Breakthrough Prize Ceremony at NASA Ames Research Center a couple of times together. 

Although Vlad Tenev’s partner Celina Tenev attends several public events, she still prefers to maintain her personal life in privacy. Moreover, Celina has even set her Twitter profile to private and just has 600 followers. While both Vlad Tenev and his better half, Celina Tenev, are private individuals, we trust that the pair opens up about their life and furthermore shares about their daughter, Nora, in the coming days.

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