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Why 2022 Will be a Good Year for Soccer

Why 2022 Will be a Good Year for Soccer

There is no surprise when people say how soccer is the most popular sport in the world. After all, when you look at the quality that is displayed day in day out, it is clear why it attracts so many fans. The excitement, the passion, the tensions it is always non-stop drama in the world of soccer. However, 2022, in particular, is gearing up to be an amazing year for the sport. Why? Here are some of the key reasons. 

Quality of Teams 

It almost seems like the quality of soccer teams is always getting better. When you look at all of the truly elite teams in the world today, there are plenty to choose from. From Manchester City to PSG to Bayern Munich, there are so many world-class squads of players. The best thing about this is that it adds a really competitive side to the different tournaments. For example, there is just no telling who could win the Champions League, unlike other years where there were clear favorites. As well as this, it also makes for some extremely competitive fixtures to look forward to. 

World Cup

A lot of people seem to be overlooking the fact that this is a world cup year. Although the tournament will not take place in the summer as it usually does, it is still worth the anticipation. The winter world cup should be just as exciting as normal. After all, there is some seriously stiff competition in regards to who could go home with the trophy. The likes of France, Argentina, Italy, and many more will all be hopeful of getting their hands on the prize. If you feel like you have a good idea in regards to who could come out on top, back your hunch by checking out Odds Shark’s Soccer Odds and Betting News to help you get the most out of your prediction.

Young Players 

The young players who have been coming through recently are really something worth tuning in for. Of course, the likes of Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland are just getting better and better. There is no doubt that those two will be major talents for many years to come. However, over recent months the soccering world has been introduced to even more great talents. Some exciting young players on the rise that you should look out for are the likes of: 

  • Pedri 
  • Gavi 
  • Vlahovic 
  • Wirtz 
  • Bellingham 


Rivalries are something that has existed since the beginning of the sport. They are definitely showing no signs of slowing down as well. After all, we are even getting some new rivalries to enjoy as well. For example, the Manchester City and Liverpool rivalry has been brewing for a few years now, and it currently feels like it is at its peak. As well as this, the likes of Barcelona becoming rejuvenated will help to heat up their rivalry with Real Madrid towards the end of the year. 

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