Why Is NAGA So Popular with Many Crypto Traders?

NAGA is a neobroker powering thousands of retail investors by giving them access to personal finance and investment products all under one roof.  Founded in August 2015 and headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, NAGA has grown tremendously both in terms of market coverage and products offered.

Currently, NAGA operates in over 100 countries and offers investment, crypto, and payments as well as support in 14 languages. Add to that the more than 1000 tradable assets organized in seven asset classes. In the first quarter of 2021, the company crossed 1 million registrations.

Before slicing and dicing NAGA to see what if offers, it is important to note that with NAGA no-deposit bonus structure, you can earn copy premium for copied trades. This bonus mechanism is a perfect source of passive income for traders on the platform.

NAGA’s Financial Performance

NAGA is a listed company on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, trading under the ticker symbol N4G. Over the past five years, the company has seen its earnings grow by 12.3% per year. In the financial year 2020, NAGA reported earnings amounting to €2 million, overturning loss of €13 million recorded the previous year.

The company transacted €6 million, translating to €478 per user. This was a 100% increase in transacted amounts compared to 2019. NAGA ended the year 2020 with a €5.233 million positive cashflow.

Why Is Naga the Best Trading Platform for Many Traders?

NAGA gives traders simple, fast, and free access to an all-in-one trading application. Within a few minutes, traders can open a digital account and begin trading the global markets. According to the company records, the NAGA trading platform is currently home to over 1 million registered users, 218,000 of those coming in the first three quarters of 2021.

Multi- assets Platform

Investors can trade some of the popular global stocks such as Netflix, Spotify, Amazon, Google, Tesla, and Apple right from the platform. They can also access crypto and trade stock CFDs in UK, US, and Asian markets. Top commodities available on the platform include crude oil, wheat, coffee, soybean, corn, copper, and natural gas.

Real Time Order Processing

Order process on the platform is real time. Once NAGA receives a client’s order, they process it in trading venues that include multilateral trading facilities, market makers, organized trading facilities, and other liquidity providers. This ensures speedy and cost-effective trades.

Trading On the Go with Mobile Apps

Traders can download NAGA mobile apps (available on android and iOS) to enable them trade on the go. Alternatively, they can also trade on their computers through the web interface.

Copy Trading Feature

If you are a newbie on the platform, you can copy trading strategies of pro traders hence boosting your chances of turning a profit.  Through the NAGA Autocopy tool, you can find and mirror the trading activities of more experienced traders. When they trade, you also trade.

Multi-Currency Accounts and Personalized Support

Traders also have the benefit of having multi-currency accounts to enable ease and efficiency of deposits and withdrawals. On top of this NAGA gives investors dedicated account managers who are available on chat, email, and phone to respond to any queries.

What is NAGAX?

Launched on April 1, 2022, in Europe, NAGAX is a crypto exchange solution comprising a spot crypto exchange, a highly secure crypto wallet, an in-built non fungible token (NFT) platform, a crypto derivative platform, and a staking module.

Why Is NAGAX Popular with Many Crypto Traders?

NAGAX punches above its weight as a crypto exchange platform. For instance, traders on the platform are connected via a social investing network bringing together over 500,000 experienced and new traders. Community members are free to interact and share experiences through person, group, or community chat boards.

Traders can deposit fiat such as EUR and USD, convert them into crypto, and withdraw any time without restrictions. The NAGA wallets, where the digital assets are stored, is a secure cold vault with a multi-factor authentication protocol to give traders bank-grade security.

The NAGAX interface is simple and convenient enabling traders to navigate and trade assets without any hitches. Some of the available crypto currencies on the platform include bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), DASH, and ripple (XRP).

NAGAX Staking Module

NAGA introduced a staking feature on NAGAX on May 26, 2022. Through this module, traders can stake bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Axie Infinity, Polkadot, Cardano (ADA), and Polygon. They can also stake stable coins such as USDT and USDC. Staking simply means that traders can choose to put their digital asset to work for a minimum time from which they can earn a passive income. It is more or less like putting your money in a high yielding account.

The minimum staking time is 24 hours, but there is no maximum. What’s more! There are no staking fees. For instance, if you stake 10,000+ of the native NAGA Coin ($NGC) at a Crystal user level, you can earn up to 20% APY.  Staking Axie Infinity at the same level earns you 17% APY.


NAGA is a one stop solution for traders looking for a simple and intuitively designed platform for investing and payments. With over 300 stocks, 35 crypto assets, 20 indices, 17 ETFs, 13 commodities, 21 futures, and 59 forex assets, you have more than you need to begin trading. As a company NAGA has strong fundamentals including solid cash flow and balance sheet positions. Through the NAGAX platform you can trade, stake, and store your digital assets securely. If you are the type of trader who loves trading on the go, you can download and install the NAGA iOS or Android app.

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