The World’s Highest Earning Horse Jockeys

Horse racing remains as one of the sporting world’s most popular commodities and a major draw for all punters to become more heavily involved in given the high-octane action that fans are treated to on the race track as well as the sheer thrill and delight that surrounds the overall spectacle of attending an event centered around racing.

The astronomical sum of avid sports bettors placing wagers on various horse racing events remains at an all-time high ahead of any upcoming racing event, with this sport earning great credibility over its impending history for its involvement with wagering which has become of the core staple selling points for all horse racing competitions.

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There are several key methods and individual steps taken to ensure that success will be merited on the racecourse for all parties involved, with some of these including a suitable trainer, breeder and care of the stallion.

However, finding a capable and experienced jockey is also a pivotal factor to bring about success as they will have to manage the horse throughout the course of the race and understand the racers’ limits whilst also maintaining a course towards success.

Nowadays, most trainers and other rivalling breeders will often sight out the most prestigious jockeys ahead of race day which often comes at a steep but respectable price to pay in an effort to gain the services of some of the top jockeys that are present in the ongoing horse racing scene.

These are highest paid horse jockeys competing today:

Yutaka Take – Career Earnings: £649.8 million

The Japanese veteran is a highly respected name in the horse racing circuit due to his many career individual accolades and years of dominance on the racecourse which has spanned as back as his rookie campaign from which he rode a grand total of 69 winners.

At the youthful age of 53, Take is still very much competing for all major and minor competitions and has continued to raise his credibility to immense status thanks to his continuous longevity and commitment towards his role as a jockey which has allowed him to earn a combined total of ¥83.8 billion which equates to roughly £650 million in sterling, double the amount that the second richest jockey has earned over his career.

Take has earned great credibility and notoriety off the track as well which includes his marriage to Japanese actress and singer Ryoko Sano, becoming a major power couple that is now widely known across the country of Japan.

When it comes to discussing the top names featured for all major jockeys, it is impossible to forget inclusion of the Japanese native for his efforts and overall earnings as the richest jockey present in the sport today.

John Velazquez – Career Earnings: £334.1 million

Born in Puerto Rico, John Velazquez has carved out an incredibly successful career as a horse racing jockey throughout his tenure within the profession and is still competing at the top level at the tender age of 51.

Despite falling short of the aforementioned career earnings that Yutaka Take has been rewarded with, Velazquez is amongst the top richest jockeys with a staggering amount of £334 million earnt throughout a three-decade long career which continues to prosper.

Contributing towards his $300 million net worth, the Puerto Rican commodity has earned exposure in other facets bar his career as a horse jockey which has since included involvements with various brand promotions, endorsements and sponsorship deals which has greatly contributed towards his never ending pool of wealth.

Javier Castellano – Career Earnings: $332.4 million

Falling just short of the earnings amassed by John Velazquez stands the four-time Eclipse award winning jockey Javier Castellano from Venezuela, who has retained his image as one of the best jockeys to ever compete in the sport.

At 46 years of age, Castellano has continued to amass a large sum of earnings that could likely place him ahead of Velazquez should he continue to find great success on the track, with the Venezuelan being one of only two jockeys to win the prestigious Eclipse Award on four consecutive occasions.

Alongside this tremendous milestone, Castellano has also collected 12 Breeders’ Cups and six editions of the Travers Stales, as well as claiming a stupendous total of 5,595 career total wins at the conclusion of 2022.

Some other notable inclusions into the richest jockey’s conversation includes French star Christophe Lemaire, veteran Italian jockey Frankie Dettori and finally British starlet Ryan Moore, all of whom have enjoyed plenty of prosperous years of vast amounts of income by way of their profession as some of the world’s top horse racing jockeys.

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