Know All About YouTuber Kandee Johnson Children From Different Husband

Kandee Johnson children

Born as Kandee Shayn Johnson and popular by name Kandee Johnson is an American beauty vlogger, YouTuber, and celebrity make-up artist. Besides, Kandee is also a YouTuber and has 3.72 million followers on her self-titled YouTube channel. Before gaining immense popularity from YouTube, she worked as a make-up artist in different television shows and commercials. Looking at her personal life, she has involved in several relationships. In this article, we will be discussing Kandee Johnson’s children which she had from a different husband.

Furthermore, the celebrity make-up artist Kandee has also launched her own line of nail polish collections. Not only this, but she is also notable for her work in the television shows like The Sierra, Skin Wars: Naked Truth, and Nickelodeon’s Ultimate Halloween Costume Party. Moreover, Kandee is one of the YouTube pioneers of beauty and fashion. With her massive success, she also made it to the Forbes list of Top Influencer- Beauty in 2017. The beauty vlogger has also appeared in numerous television shows and featured in magazines like Elle, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and many more. Without further delay, let us now discuss about Kandee Johnson’s children.

Kandee Johnson Married Twice. Who Is She Dating Now?

Kandee Johnson shared her first wedding knot at the age of 17. Shocked!! Yes, you read it write. The beauty vlogger, Kandee tied her first wedding knot at the age of 17. However, her relationship didn’t last long. After a divorce, she married another person which also didn’t go well. Soon, she divorces her second husband. Following her back-to-back divorce, she finally found the love of her life. In 2015, she started dating her long-time boyfriend, Michael Castro, a YouTuber. After dating for several months, the couple tied their engagement knot in September 2015. However, it is not known if the couple is still together in 2017.

Stalking at a make-up artist Kandee’s Instagram, it looks like she is dating model Ian Ford. She often uploads the cuddling pictures on her Instagram. Moreover, she also mentioned that they have been together since 2019. In one of her Instagram posts, she has mentioned that she was spending a good time since 2019 with Ian Ford, whom she also quoted as a best friend. Furthermore, she also added a picture on her Instagram account regarding her first anniversary of being a girlfriend of Ian Ford. Well looking at their cute pictures, we believe the couple is enjoying their time together.

Kandee Johnson boyfriend Ian Ford
Kandee Johnson is currently dating boyfriend Ian Ford. Picture Source: Pinterest.

How Many Children Does Kandee Johnson Have?

To date, Kandee Johnson shares five children from her relationship with different personalities. Let know now discuss about Kandee Johnson’s children in detail.

Kandee Johnson Son Jordan Sanniks Johnson

Jordan Sanniks Johnson is the first-born baby of the beauty vlogger Kandee Johnson. Jordan took birth in Los Angeles, California on 19th February 1997. The detail regarding Jordan’s father is not known. As of now, Jordan is 23 years old and most popular for being a first born-child of Kandee.

Without any hesitation, Jordan also following her mother’s footsteps of being a successful YouTuber. Jordan created his YouTube channel named The Guy Boys with his friend Ryan Librada in 2017. However, it didn’t go as his expectation and later he shuts down his YouTube channel.

Moreover, Jordan is starting his career in modeling. Kandee Johnson’s son Jordan Johnson is an emerging model who signed a modeling contract with Ford Models. Asides from this, he also did a modeling gig with Vogue Magazine and fashion brand, Louis Vuitton. The emerging model, Jordan is available on Instagram by @justsannicks.

Kandee Johnson son Jordan Johnson
Kandee Johnson’s son Jordan Johnson is an emerging model. Picture Source: Instagram.

Kandee Johnson Son Blake Johnson

Blake Johnson is a second-born son of beauty vlogger, Kandee Johnson. Blake took birth in Los Angeles, California on 11th September 2007. Moreover, Blake is the first-born child of Kandee from her second marital relationship.

The 12 years old Blake is also active on Instagram. Moreover, Kandee Johnson’s son Blake is more interested in cars and his favorite car is Lamborghini. The young Blake often appears on his mother’s vlogs.

Kandee Johnson Daughter Alani Johnson

Alani Johnson is the second-born child of Kandee Johnson with her second husband. Likewise, she is the eldest daughter of the beauty mogul, Kandee Johnson. There are not more details regarding Alani. Moreover, she routinely appears in the limelight of media. Kandee has kept her daughter away from the media.

Kandee Johnson children
Kandee Johnson welcomed her second son Blake Johnson in 2007. Picture Source: Instagram.

Kandee Johnson Daughter Ellie Johnson

Ellie Johnson is a third-born child of Kandee Johnson with her second husband. Ellie is the youngest daughter of Kandee with her second husband. Like her sister, Ellie also rarely appears in the media. According to a reliable report, Kandee’s ex-husband has requested his children to keep them away from the limelight of media. However, Kandee featured her daughter Ellie on one of the videos in January 2011.

Kandee Johnson Daughter Elyse Kaikani

Elyse Kaikani took birth to the parents Kandee Johnson and Michael Castro. Furthermore, Elyse is an only child from her relationship with YouTuber Michael Castrol. The couple welcomed their daughter in 2017. The details regarding Elyse are not available on the internet.  

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