Home Entertainments Meet Alexa Vogel – NBA Coach Frank Vogel Eldest Daughter With His Partner Jenifer Vogel

Meet Alexa Vogel – NBA Coach Frank Vogel Eldest Daughter With His Partner Jenifer Vogel

Meet Alexa Vogel – NBA Coach Frank Vogel Eldest Daughter With His Partner Jenifer Vogel

Hailing from Wildwood Crest, New Jersey, Frank Paul Vogel also known as Frank Vogel is an American professional basketball coach and former player. Frank Vogel, is the Phoenix Suns’ current head coach in the National Basketball Association. Previously, Frank Vogel has also served as the head coach for the Orlando Magic, Indiana Pacers, and Los Angeles Lakers. The New Jersey native, Frank Vogel completed his graduation from Wildwood High School in 1991. Afterward, he joined Juniata College where he started playing basketball. He was a starter for the Division III basketball team. In 1994, Vogel was later transferred to the University of Kentucky, where he worked as the student manager for head coach Rick Pitino’s Kentucky Wildcats men’s team. Frank ended his playing career shortly. In this article, we will be talking about Frank Vogel’s daughter Alexa Vogel.

The 50-year-old, Frank Vogel started his coaching journey as the head video coordinator for the Boston Celtics in 2001. In the 2001–02 season, he was promoted to assistant coach after five years in the position. In 2004, Vogel advanced to the position of assistant coach for the Philadelphia 76ers. Later, he left the 76ers to become an advanced scout for the Los Angeles Lakers. Likewise, he was appointed as the head coach for the first time by the Indiana Pacers in 2011. He served as the head coach of the Orlando Magic from 2016 to 2018. Frank started the 2019 season as the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. He led the team to the 2020 NBA Championship. As of now, the 50-year-old serves as the head coach of the Phoenix Suns. Without further delay, here are some interesting facts about Frank Vogel’s daughter Alexa Vogel.

Who Is Frank Vogel’s Daughter Alexa Vogel?

The former Los Angeles Lakers head coach, Frank Vogel has achieved quite a success from his professional career as a basketball coach. Besides, many of his admirers have also shown interest in his personal life. The NBA head coach shares a blissful marital relationship with his wife, Jenifer Vogel. Due to the extreme private lifestyle, there is very little information available on the internet. Besides, the couple met each other for the first time while Frank was serving as the head coach for the Boston Celtics. The pair instantly fell in love and exchanged their wedding vows in 2002. The husband-wife duo has been married for more than two decades. Frank Vogel’s daughter Alexa Vogel is the eldest child of the NBA head coach with his beloved wife Jenifer Vogel. The birth detail of Alexa Vogel hasn’t been disclosed by her parents.

Being the first-born child of the family member, Frank Vogel’s daughter must have been raised with immense love and care. In addition, Alexa must have been pampered very well by her parents. Moreover, Alexa is not only the child of Frank Vogel. She has a younger sister named Arianna Vogel. Though the birth details of the Vogel children haven’t been revealed, it looks like there isn’t a huge age gap between the siblings. Thus, the Vogel siblings must have enjoyed their childhood life together. Furthermore, the Vogel sisters often appear in the media alongside their father. Hopefully, they must share a strong bond.

Frank Vogel’s Daughter Is A High School Soccer Player

Frank Vogel currently serves as the head coach of the NBA franchise, Phoenix Suns. Being the daughter of the NBA head coach, Alexa rarely spends much time with her dad. Moreover, Frank is usually out of the home to take part in various basketball competitions. Despite a busy schedule, Frank manages to find out time for his daughters and enjoys their time together by doing different fun activities. Talking about Alexa’s educational background, she is currently pursuing her high school education. Having been born in a family background in sports, Frank Vogel’s daughter Alexa Vogel has also developed her interest in a similar field. Alexa has inherited some playing skills from her dad.

Frank Vogel’s daughter Alexa Vogel is a soccer player. Picture Source: Pinterest.

Since early childhood, Frank Vogel’s daughter has been involved in different sports. She has been playing various games with her dad and learning different gaming techniques. While Alexa’s dad is a basketball player, she has developed an interest in different sports. Alexa has shown an interest in soccer. During her school time, she was on the soccer team. She continued playing soccer after joining the high school. As per the online source, Alexa’s dad also once coached her soccer team while she was in fourth grade.

Alexa Vogel Is Active on TikTok

Unlike Frank and Jenifer, Alexa has also maintained an extremely secret life when it comes to her personal life. Thus, there is not much known about how Alexa is doing her soccer game at present. Hopefully, we will soon see her playing in national-level games. While Alexa is not present in any kind of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, she couldn’t ignore the magic of the trending app TikTok. She has a TikTok account although she doesn’t seem to be available on other social platforms. In addition to this, Alexa often uploads videos with her friends and family member on her TikTok account. Moreover, we can see a couple of short videos of Alexa with her father on her TikTok account. Nevertheless, Frank Vogel’s daughter must be enjoying her life to the fullest.

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